1. G

    NOT Resolved - CiTrades

    Hi I'm new to this website, I was contacted by Henry Yorke from the above who informed me if I deposited my money by the next day I could profit up to £600.00 on the non farm payroll trade, I deposited £3000 on the basis that I would follow auto trading binary system who recommended CiTrades, He...
  2. AsstModerator

    CFTC charges Jason Scharf, Citrades, and associates with Binary Options Fraud

    CFTC charges Jason Scharf, Citrades, and associates with Binary Options Fraud Some days it feels like the scammers never get caught and punished. Today is not one of those days. Today, a major scammer has a date with justice. The CFTC just made the announcement. Jason Scharf of Citrades...
  3. R

    Please help me ... Citrades want me to steal my money

    They are operating automatic way my account without my permission, ask them to stop it and no one gives me information, I requested a copy of my authorization to test NEVER AUTHORIZING AN AUTO-TRADIN but no one answers and no uiqeren me back my money, there is a regulator for these scammers...
  4. D

    citrades warning

    i have opened a case against citrades, i had 2 contracts with them, that were not honoured, and i did not get money back that the contract said that i would, doug marshall
  5. P

    Resolved - SCAM ALERT - My sad story with

    Dear sirs, let me share my story with At the beginning company looked like a serious company. My experience with them started almost year ago when I have accepted their offer. In his offer Mr Hermans (this is the name of the person who contacted me - I do not...
  6. C

    Hello all, I have a guaranteed VIP account with The account is guaranteed against loss of principal and has a guaranteed interest payment of 6.75% per month. The signed contract is for 6 months. At the end of 6 months I can do whatever I want to do with my money. (Purchase...
  7. N

    Another Victim Of Citrades

    I found an ad online about an Automated System where it makes you money while you Sleep , Should have Known better , Well it finaly ended up at Citrades and the System will not work until you deposit at least $ 250.00 USD . I deposited 300.00 USD But my Bank turned down the Deposit . I didn't...
  8. B

    Citrades is a total scam...all phone numbers, live chat, are totally bogus

    On Feb. 19 I fell for this scam. I sent Citrade $300. via credit card they required, but had a problem getting it thru, Adam Gold Market Analyst contacted me to try again...this time it went thru, but took both $300 (total now $600) where i only wanted $300 to go thru. I then received a email...
  9. Z

    I have been scammed by came across this broker because it turned out to be the only one that works with the AutoTradingBinary software. After the software lost 11 trades against 2 wins I decided to switch it off and withdraw my money.This is after the account manager coerced me...
  10. P

    Problem with CiTrades

    I have had trouble with CiTrades. I am now working with an attorney. If you have had legitimate legal trouble with this company, please contact me at I will then give you contact info for the lawyer. The more of us against them, the better.
  11. C

    Problems with CITRADES

    Guys, Im trading at Citrades. Recently because I need money so urgent, I request to withdraw my money. I thought I just withdrew sometime then will deposit back and invest seriously but, I have requested on around 22/3 but until now, this broker does not reply anything. I have tried to...
  12. jessiej is a SCAM!!!!! RUN FROM THEM!!!

    Hi, I decided to sign up here so I can warn everyone that is a SCAM. I signed up with them and deposited $250. I had a hell of a time getting my account signed up. I opened a separate bank account at another bank just for trading. I only used this debit card to open an account...
  13. M

    Getting hold of owner Jason Scharf

    i've been scammed by citrades using a scam product called insured profits ( i was stupid enough to believe that i could trust such a bull**** guarantees as they have on their site. after i realized it was a scam i demanded my money back and they cut my balance completely. i...
  14. A - scam of 2014 - impossible withdraw and no assistance

    I highly don't recommend this broker , because they will steal your money. Here is my story with them. I was trading on this broker , and was doing good with the 60 seconds platform until they shut it down intentionally and i can't get access to it anymore because i am doing some profit ...
  15. D

    Problem with

    Hello everyone, I am new here and found this site by searching for similiar issues that I just started having with For some background, I got setup through CiTrades through another site,, where they basically do the trades for you...which they did ok, I...
  16. T withdrawal issue

    Hey guys, I got problem with the broker I deposited and traded with them around 1 month ago. Everything at first seems fine, easy registration, fast deposit, nice platform.... But I found out a terrible thing until I withdrew my money. I have request them to withdraw $228.5 from...
  17. V

    Citrades scam !!??

    Hello there, Im having problem with Citrades when trying to withdraw $231 in my account back to my ewallet. I have waited for more than 6 days with no reply from their support. I dont understand what the problem is. I think this is a sign of scam ? I have sent them emails but got no reply...
  18. A


    Since, Citrades (operating under their parent name Triple S LTD), there’s so much that has happened, I just don’t know how I can make this short, but I’ll do my best. On the other hand, I’m afraid to contact anyone because their contract states I have no rights to share any information with any...
  19. hoover


    Has any one heard of this company in anyway? Or better yet had any past experience with them?
  20. J

    Citrades scam

    I made a 5000 USD deposit with citrades autotrading account in April of 2016. Currently August2016 I have had no contact with the company for at least 60 days. Two months back I froze my account at roughly $7800 due to a couple bad trading weeks. I have asked the company several times for just a...