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    Info CM Trading

    Has anyone had a bag experience with CM Trading? Please let me know.
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    I was an IB to this broker and brought them business. When it was time for them to pay my rebates they refused to pay. I sent several emails to them and contacted my account manager Ryan and he said he is waiting for update from finance. Up till now no word from finance and no payment. I went to...
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    CmTrading out comes

    Hey My Name Is sifiso MALOPE I'm New in trading I joined CmTrading an got an email an call from Leo Reed who said will help me to open my account nd start trading they required documents first before they said I could trade they said first I should send them by photo my I.d document and proof...
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    CMTrading Took $35 away from me after my attempt to withdraw

    I opened an account with CMTrading after they seemed to be nice. I was influenced by their advertisement of no fee charged on deposit and withdrawal. On opening the account, I made a profit of $4 dollars within few days and no longer comfortable with my emotions to trade during the week. I...