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    CMC Markets

    CMC Markets and Invest Moment are bundled! Please look under my post about Invest Moment (search function) ot Incognito
  2. bartek1985

    CMC Markets, WTI Fraud.

    Hello, We are looking for people that had or have WTI cash positions on CMC markets around March – April. Our positions were “caught” during this large oil brake down and our upkeep was changed from day to day from 22,5% to 225% with additional daily contango. So, from 1000PLN we got 10000 PLN...
  3. A

    CmC Markets - question regarding WTI-Cash (West Texas Oil contract)

    i found a WTI-Cash contract on cmc markets broker, also trading around $11.09, live chat with them but after more than an hour, the representative did not reply, i assumed he ignored my question, so i have no choice but create a thread here. Nymex Dec 2020 contract price is around $34, while...
  4. Stefx News


    Hi, my account is 17078085. Indicatively from 3-4 weeks every time that i try do a trade an offquotes error happen and other this is not possible to see my old (before June) history from mt4. I have asked them an explanation (15 times, by chat, by email) and every time their answer is '' Dear...
  5. E

    Illegal, Unfair and Unjust Practices by CMC Markets

    We are a group of CMC Markets Singapore customers who have lost a total of $7,500,000 SGD from illegal, unjust and unfair practices by CMC Markets. If you had experienced such practices on your account with CMC Markets, please contact me immediately. We are taking a class action suit against CMC...