cms trader

  1. C

    CMSTRADER lost 1.6million in 2 days

    when all trades were closed and the account went from 1.6million to minus 75,000 dollars over night. I was amazed at how much money i lost using CMS as a broker? Now i have to contact the Financial Ombudsman to report this company for unsafe dealing and scamming my family out of our savings...
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  3. B

    CMS Traders

    Good afternoon my name is Tony i wanted to try trading and signed up for an account with CMS Traders at the end of Aug2018 i deposited in total $11000 usa dollars and no problems enjoyed the experience was called by an account manager Chris Miller i told him i woulds select my own trade options...
  4. N

    CMS Trader Account - Inactivity Charges

    Hi, Firstly, apologies if I have posted in the wrong forum/thread - I am not sure if I am being scammed (but I have doubts). I opened a CMS Trader Mini account in October 2017, with the minimum $500 dollar deposit. I accepted the Ts & Cs but wasn't aware at the time of the Inactivity Charge -...
  5. T

    GUILTY Case# 2018-077 | Tau1984 vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: I was contacted by David from cmstrader with an investment opportunity to trade with forex.Then i deposited $950 to activate my account.The my account was handed over to mr Steven Black to...
  6. T

    Scammed by Cmstrader

    I was first called by David from cmstrader for an opportunity for investment then i deposited $950 after that my acc was handed over to mr Stephen Black.then my problems started after i wanted to make a withdrawal he asked me to deposit more acc balance was now $3000. He said i wont get...
  7. L

    Cms trader alert

    I have 2950 dollars in my account , I notified them that I want to close my account , they are not not answering mails , live support is offline , and I'm being ignored by the account manager assigned to me. Don't deal with cms trader .
  8. sbusiso08

    Resolved: CMS Trader

    a guy by the name Justin from CMS Trader contacted me on the 15th of March and convinced me to join his broker. After about two weeks of him following up on me, promising me all the benefits his broker provides I ended up depositing $500 on the 26th of March. He told me my account manager will...
  9. YannGhis

    Scammed by CMSTRADER

    Matt Thompson (Commodities and Currencies advisor) did call me (on September 8, 2017) after signing up for He did convince me to create an account and deposit money, what I did. I did deposit $500 and then $1000. Once I reached $1,500, I've been contacted by Joseph Davis...
  10. C

    Over $150000 SCAMMED BY CMSTRADE,I have invested

    HI!CMStrader got my numbers from a call from Joseph to invest $5000 and they will trade my funds.Fast forward I have invested well over $150000.I tried withdrawing in December $20k,they disappeared until month later,when he wanted more money..he said he stopped my...
  11. Mr Dassen

    CMS Trader blocked my account awaiting withdrawal

    I am just opening this thread because I am very scared of losing my money. I made a bank wire of 100.000 Euro to CMS Trader. I took a loan for this, since I do not have this. But Steven Black or Steven Baxter (at 12trader) told me we need a minimum to trade stock and get me going to a good...
  12. V


    CMS got my number from A lady calledJeanne Mobak called me to invest in some money and rushed me into depositing 500 pounds not to say an extra 25-30 pounds extra from my bank. Later Alex Turner from CMS called me and said he would be my financial advisor. I was told intially I...
  13. K

    Resolved: Scammer

    Last week i contacted the cmstrader reguesting they refund me on monday the said in 3-5 days i will receive my money.But ever since i never heard from them , i tried contacting them the whole week, but no response.please i beg, i need, my money refunded so i pay my school fee or else...
  14. D


    Hi everyone. My name is Ashric, I opened an account with CMS TRADER.COM and deposited $500 on 19 July 2017. I decided to open an account after Michael Taylor convinced me that they will send my signals. He told me that I will be contact by my account manager Chris Miller. Chris Miller...
  15. 264501

    CMS Trader, beware of this company.

    I have started this thread to warn others about this fraudulent broker, and to seek assistance in recovering my money. CMS Trader claims to be a investment advisory company that helps its clients to manage account and to help them trade on the Sirix platform. In the beginning I have invested an...
  16. R

    Resolved: Scammed By CMS TRADER

    cmstrader got my number from and a guy called matt thompson contacted me. He convinced me to make a deposit. i did make the deposit and Matt who told he was going to be my broker stopped replying my messages. A guy named stephen black called me later and he said he is my new...
  17. BakuMane

    CMSTrader - Can't withdraw funds

    Hi there all, Let me get into the backstory really briefly about my problem with them: I've been looking around for best day trading brokers for some time (small spread + no commissions). And then, I've been contacted by CMSTrader after I've made my account on They offered me...
  18. T

    CMSTrader threat

    i have registered with CMSTrader trader a year ago i first invested with a small amount of money they worked out properly gaining money then was advised to put more money for bigger trades and went with the flow looking at home money comes in with smaller trader Their problem started when I...
  19. H

    CMStrader delays the withdraw money

    The first few weeks they helped me to understand the system and did some smal trades to get used to it. It was profitable, so i decided to put in more money. But before i send the money they said that i always can get it back ( if necessary within 24 hours) because i became a VIP member. I paid...
  20. M a scam, 3 weeks and no money, 1 of the scammers Cameel Swan

    I opened an account and deposited 2500 euro. 3 weeks ago I decided to withdraw the money. I took Cameel Swaan (1 of the scammers) 2 weeks to approve the withdrawal. Now it's extra 1 week after the "release of the funds" to my account but no money. Avoid these scammers at all costs. In the files...