1. Xander 33

    Resolved: is scam

    they lie and scam, 100% lie and steal my money
  2. R

    Resolved: Coinexx falsified transaction records, improperly collected swaps, and denied withdrawals.

    【 Regarding Coinexx Malicious Denial of Withdrawals 】 Due to improper falsification of transaction records and improper swap collection, a withdrawal (US$35,450) due to profit cancellation was denied. The breakdown is as follows ・19,498USD Profit reduction due to improper falsification of...
  3. J

    Coinexx - earlier profits adjusted (stolen) when asking for withdrawal of funds

    I posted a review recently but am not getting the right response, I'm therefore needing to post this thread here. My earlier review hereunder, followed by their response. However, their response is completely misleading and untrue which I'll prove with the attached docs: This all confirms that...
  4. R

    Coinexx does not give you your withdrawal!

    Last October 2nd I made a withdrawal they told me that it was gonna take 10 business days to get the money into my account. It is October 28th and I still have no money in my bank account. I’ve been sending emails back and forth and they just say that it’s been processed so when I ask how come I...
  5. Poundtrader

    Resolved: Coinexx Don't Pay Withdrawal

    coinexx has always process withdrawals within 48hrs, so on 10-7-2019 i started my withdrawal and after 48hrs i did not recive my money so i contact them and for the last two days they been promising me the withdrawal will be process on that day but i never got my money so im still waiting. as...
  6. P

    Coinexx Six Figure Loss Spread Manipulation

    Having read all the great reviews online, I opened up an account at Coinexx in October and funded with 1 BTC and auto converted to USD and traded with their MT5 platform. I was trading at the max 500:1 leverage and trading forex pairs. I made 4 total deposits: 1 BTC - String of losses...