cold call fraud

  1. P

    Jumeirah resources plc

    Jumeirah Resources PLC (ticker code JMR) is a development stage company focused on the acquisition and development of low cost high reward oil and gas prospects with infield drilling for proven potential reserves in the United States and Canada (ALLEGEDLY) Unfortunately, with a very...
  2. A


    Has anyone heard of OakFX? I have been cold called and offered this software by a company called Phoenix (Investments) based in Auckland, New Zealand and they are offering a regular income of $1000+ per month from Forex Trading for a cost of NZ$24,700 for the software licence and a minimum...
  3. Pharaoh

    Art investment cold calling - sounds like artistic fraud to me

    I got some (sadly, not enough to name the company involved) info from a forex trader friend in Hong Kong. He was called on his private number. The caller knew his name and knew to start the conversation in English. He suspects that a health insurance company in Hong Kong that he'd contacted...
  4. T

    China mineral company

    Early last year I was approached by phone by a Mr Alan Lemar of Tortola capital to purchase shares in Los vegas sands, after a while I was advised to move my portfolio to China mineral company. After that I lost touch with him and was contacted by Christopher Schwartz of China mineral company...