coliseum fx

  1. D

    ColiseumFX Trading is SCAM

    Hi, I purchased a subscription for coliseumFX for 2 months for $149.99 in June. Just two weeks later, the signal/copier provider cutoff their signal and gave the option to either sign up for 6 months with a huge extra payment. The other option was that I get my money back. I chose the money...
  2. Benny Tay

    Coliseumfx - A real professional scammer

    I'm just being scammed by Coliseumfx. This guy blown out 96% of my USD 10k plus investment account with him under his so-called 'Manage Account' by asking me to send him my MT4 account password & user ID and he will get my account set up. On 24 August 2015, Coliseumfx has sent me an email to...