1. trandinvest

    Services Offered [CopyFX] [RoboForex] Avto MultiFX - up to 10-15% per month

    Launch date: 09/17/2022 Description: Automatic trading is carried out under the supervision of a trader.Trading is carried out on 4 currency pairs, these are EUR / USD, USD / CAD, GBP / USD and AUD / USD, trading goes in both directions simultaneously along the trend and against the trend, the...
  2. trandinvest

    Forex Blogs [CopyFX] [RoboForex] Long Term

    Launch date: 11/13/2022 Description: Semi-automatic trading is conducted. Trading goes on the EUR/USD pair (other pairs are possible), intraday trading goes on in the European session, up to 3 transactions can be opened during the day, they are accompanied by an adviser and the averaging method...

    Services Offered Samurai CopyFx Roboforex

    Hello dear investors. I opened a new account with RoboForex. During the year, our team carried out the necessary optimization for stable earnings. Account as before aggressive. manager's remuneration has been reduced and is now 30%...

    Services Offered CopyFx RoboForex - DRAGONGENEROUS

    Здравствуйте уважаемые трейдеры и инвесторы. Хочу представить вам аккаунт для копирования сигналов. Если вы хотите получать пассивный доход сегодня, то присоединяйтесь. Счет ориентирован на долгосрочную торговлю с умеренными рисками...