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    Crown Forex - Report any progress here

    Some of those who have issues with Crown have been promised that payments or partial payments are on the way. Please report any progress towards resolving issue with Crown Forex in this thread.
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    Problem Crown Forex - Outright Thievery

    I realize I need 10 posts in order to submit a qualified scam ticket - but I'd like to put this out there as a warning to anyone else that has funds with Crown. The short version is that a couple weeks ago, I had 10 contracts open at the close of business on Friday. Come Sunday evening at...
  3. T

    Problem Crown Forex Scam

    Is someone having problems with Crownforex Withdrawals?? I have been trying to withdrawal but been unable to get my funds They are hiding from me, can someone help me out?
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    Click here to read or submit reviews and ratings for >> otherwise use this thread ("Post Reply" button below) to start a LIVE discussion and get responses from our FPA members.
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    Problem Crown Forex - Sign in here if you have a problem

    Normally, the FPA likes for everyone to open a new thread if they have a problem that has reached the point that they want to file a formal Scam Ticket. Since there are so many complaints within the last month against Crown Forex, I am creating one main thread for withdrawal issue with Crown...