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  1. cryptorocket

    Trade in BTC to benefit from valuate fluctuations with Cryptorocket

    BTC moves drastically - and if you want to trade but not miss out on that movement, use BITS With the launch of our new customer dashboard, one of the facets of the system that we offer is allowing users to store their balances in bitcoin rather than a USD value only. We use the BIT format...
  2. Day_Trade_Ideas

    Bitcoin holding below 7600 confirms failure

    Bitcoin holding below 7600 confirms failure, targeting 7500/7495 (now hit), perhaps as far as 7330/10 today. On further losses look for 7200/7190 before the May low at 7035/25. Minor resistance at 7500 with stronger resistance at 7600/7620. Above 7650 meets a selling opportunity at 7720/40...
  3. H

    Cryptomt4 a scam

    Philippe Ballesio, is a French citizen recidenciado at the moment in London that assures to act like operator of Bit Trader or of a digital platform, embaucando to a lot of people with nonexistent products. Those affected filed a complaint last September and that is how an investigation was...