1. Guisgs

    IC Markets is unclear about the commission charge on Ctrader

    Hello everybody! I have been noticing a strange problem with the IC Markets Ctrader platform for some time now. When using the platform, the commission amounts charged and those shown on the platform are completely different. I checked their website and it says that the commission charged on...
  2. YTMikeGames

    Searching Need high leverage, low spread preferably ctrader broker

    Hi, Im looking for a high leverage, low spread forex broker thats preferably on ctrader. It can be mt4 doesnt matter. Im located in the uk but willing to use ones like icmarkets for the high leverage. Also dont reccomend me icmarkets if i was using them i wouldnt be here and its none of your...
  3. bf8899

    CTrader (ICmarkets) automatically removing stop loss

    Hi everyone, I came across this place while trying to find answers to why my account balance got wiped out. It isn't the end of the world because it was only a small amount but that isn't the point. Has anyone heard of this or had it happen to you before? This is the story they are giving me...
  4. cTrader

    cTrader Web & Desktop 4.1 Releases Offering Direct Crypto Deposits

    Spotware has announced the release of its cTrader Web 4.1 and cTrader Desktop 4.1 versions - updates that spice up the web and desktop versions of cTrader with some of the most sought-after additions for traders across both Windows and Mac devices. cTrader Web and Desktop have embraced the rise...
  5. cTrader

    cTrader Desktop 4.1 Adds USD Indicative Currency Switch, Direct Crypto Deposits with no Fiat conversion & Balance Bar Customization

    We at cTrader are delighted to share the release of the cTrader Desktop 4.1 update that improves with some of the most sought-after additions for traders: Users can see their balance, equity, margin and P&L in the indicative currency of USD at any time via a single switch in TradeWatch option...
  6. cTrader

    Gann Drawing Open-Source Indicator Release

    We at Spotware are delighted to announce the release of the Gann Drawing Indicator - an exclusive open-source indicator that allows our traders to easily draw the chart patterns of Gann Box, Gann Square and Gann Fan on their charts. The main purpose of this new addition is to demonstrate the...
  7. cTrader

    cTrader Desktop 4.0 Offers Advanced Chart Features & Analysis Enhancements

    Limassol, Cyprus - March 22, 2021 Spotware has announced the release of its cTrader Desktop 4.0 version, which not only comes equipped with advanced chart features, but also added technical and fundamental analysis tools for the ultimate trading experience. “The cTrader Desktop 4.0 release...
  8. cTrader

    cTrader Community Team Releases Pattern Drawing Indicator

    cTrader Community Team announces the first release of our Pattern Drawing Indicator! The Pattern Drawing Indicator is an indicator that allows traders to easily draw the following patterns on the chart: XABCD Cypher Pattern ABCD Pattern Triangle Pattern Three Drives Pattern Head and Shoulders...
  9. cTrader

    $10 Million via Copy Trading? Easy!

    cTrader Copy Strategy Beats World Copy Trading Record We all know that copy trading is becoming more and more popular in the new era, but a truly one-of-a-kind event for cTrader Copy and the copy trading world generally, has taken place several days back. Just one single copy strategy has seen...
  10. cTrader

    Don’t skip the fundamentals!

    The first thing you will learn as soon as you start your educational journey in the trading world is technical analysis. Technical analysis, as a trading technique, tries to predict future price movements based purely on past market data. Technical analysis fanatics advocate that, in order to...
  11. cTrader

    Official cTrader Telegram Group joined by 1000 members

    We are pleased to announce that our Official cTrader Telegram group has reached 1000 members! Thank you to everyone who joined! Created as an extension of the cTrader forum, this official cTrader Telegram group has become the ultimate channel for traders to engage directly with cTrader...
  12. cTrader

    cTrader releases - 2020

    cTrader Mobile 3.11 Features New Chart Types & Additional Improvements The new cTrader Mobile 3.11 release features the introduction of three highly sought-after chart types – Tick charts, Range and Renko bars – along with additional improvements in the Fibonacci Retracement, the option to hide...
  13. cTrader

    Adopting Trading for the API Economy

    One of the most important characteristics of good software design is its extensibility. This design principle has become more and more of a must for any software architecture in an increasingly connected and interdependent world. The introduction of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) was...
  14. cTrader

    How does cTrader place Traders First?

    Traders First™ has been our motto since the inception of cTrader. While many might think that this is just a marketing trick and a nice to hear slogan for traders, Traders First™ approach is a way of living for us, and a concept closely associated with our business model and success. In this...
  15. cTrader

    Official cTrader Telegram Group Launched

    We are pleased to announce the launch of the official cTrader Telegram group. This group is an extra addition to our communication channels, which will allow you to engage directly with the cTrader development team, our community managers as well as fellow community members. It is a quick...
  16. nsinfodesk

    Compare cTrader brokers

    I noticed there are only four brokers using cTrader platform and tops among them is icmarkets and pepperstone. What's your experience with either of them Which one of them is better Please, honest and unbiased opinion is needed and will not victim you if your choice go bad in future
  17. A

    Discuss cTrader.com (by Spotware.com)

    Click here to read or submit reviews and ratings for cTrader.com (by Spotware.com) >> otherwise use this thread ("+ Reply to Thread" button below) to start a LIVE discussion and get responses from our FPA members.
  18. Arpad75

    Order routing and execution during high impact news releases

    Hello Everybody, I don’t have extensive experience about news trading, but even if I would have, I would ask these same questions. If anyone has anything to say, please don’t hesitate to tell it. :-) Thanks. I have the following concerns regarding the execution during high impact news...
  19. O

    PrimeTrade FX: anyone knows something about them?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to FPA. I wanted to share with you this broker. I haven't tested it yet. I like it because it offers cTrader with one of the lowest comissions I've ever seen for cTrader (2$/100k per side). Is there anybody with experience in that broker? Anyone knows some useful...
  20. f-man

    Intensive Review Intensive Review of the cTrader - Currency Trading Platform

    A few weeks ago I got a message from the Mod if I would like to make an intensive Review on a new Trading Platform. I didn't need to think much to give a positive answer, because I enjoy trading Forex more than anything else! This review had to start a few weeks ago actually, but because we...