1. cTrader

    Spotware Partners with Broctagon to Offer cTrader White Labels

    Limassol, Cyprus - October 12, 2020 - Spotware, a leading Fintech and trading solutions expert, has announced its partnership with Broctagon, making the LP a specialist provider of cTrader White Labels. For Broctagon Fintech Group, offering cTrader solutions in combination with their...
  2. cTrader

    cTrader Nominated in Best Trading Technology Category by Benzinga Global Fintech Awards

    We are proud to share that cTrader has entered Benzinga Fintech Listmakers 2020 by Benzinga Global Fintech Awards in the category of Best Trading Technology. The Benzinga Fintech Listmakers is an index of top-tier companies and executives within a selection of categories that revamp the Fintech...
  3. Fondex

    Fondex Adds Paytrust88 to its Funding Methods to Facilitate Asian Market Deposits

    Seychelles, 30 September 2020 - Fondex, the multi-award winning and regulated online CFD broker, has announced a new addition to its various account funding methods in the face of Paytrust88. Paytrust88 is a reputable payment provider, specialized on the support of Asian market payments. Fondex...
  4. cTrader

    cTrader Wins Multiple International Business Magazine Awards

    We are delighted to share that cTrader has won two International Business Magazine awards this year - “Best Forex Trading Platform Cyprus 2020” and “Best Multi-Asset Trading Platform Cyprus 2020”. The reputable International Business Magazine awards have been developed with the purpose of...
  5. Fondex

    Fondex Recognized as “Best cTrader Broker Cyprus 2020” by IBM

    We are pleased to announce that Fondex has been recognized as the “Best cTrader Broker Cyprus 2020” by the reputable International Business Magazine Awards body. Developed with the purpose of acknowledging achievement and contribution to the global Business and Finance industry, International...
  6. cTrader

    Don’t skip the fundamentals!

    The first thing you will learn as soon as you start your educational journey in the trading world is technical analysis. Technical analysis, as a trading technique, tries to predict future price movements based purely on past market data. Technical analysis fanatics advocate that, in order to...
  7. cTrader

    Official cTrader Telegram Group joined by 1000 members

    We are pleased to announce that our Official cTrader Telegram group has reached 1000 members! Thank you to everyone who joined! Created as an extension of the cTrader forum, this official cTrader Telegram group has become the ultimate channel for traders to engage directly with cTrader...
  8. cTrader

    cTrader releases - 2020

    cTrader Mobile 3.11 Features New Chart Types & Additional Improvements The new cTrader Mobile 3.11 release features the introduction of three highly sought-after chart types – Tick charts, Range and Renko bars – along with additional improvements in the Fibonacci Retracement, the option to hide...
  9. cTrader

    Adopting Trading for the API Economy

    One of the most important characteristics of good software design is its extensibility. This design principle has become more and more of a must for any software architecture in an increasingly connected and interdependent world. The introduction of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) was...
  10. cTrader

    How does cTrader place Traders First?

    Traders First™ has been our motto since the inception of cTrader. While many might think that this is just a marketing trick and a nice to hear slogan for traders, Traders First™ approach is a way of living for us, and a concept closely associated with our business model and success. In this...
  11. cTrader

    Official cTrader Telegram Group Launched

    We are pleased to announce the launch of the official cTrader Telegram group. This group is an extra addition to our communication channels, which will allow you to engage directly with the cTrader development team, our community managers as well as fellow community members. It is a quick...
  12. nsinfodesk


    I noticed there are only four brokers using cTrader platform and tops among them is icmarkets and pepperstone. What's your experience with either of them Which one of them is better Please, honest and unbiased opinion is needed and will not victim you if your choice go bad in future
  13. Arpad75

    Order routing and execution during high impact news releases

    Hello Everybody, I don’t have extensive experience about news trading, but even if I would have, I would ask these same questions. If anyone has anything to say, please don’t hesitate to tell it. :-) Thanks. I have the following concerns regarding the execution during high impact news...
  14. S

    Problem with Traders Way not paying

    I requested a withdrawal back to my Skrill account from my cTrader account on the 22nd April. 3 Days later on the 28th April I went onto live chat and was advised to send an email to payments@tradersway.com. I heard nothing back. I went onto live chat again on the 29th April and told them my...
  15. O

    PrimeTrade FX: anyone knows something about them?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to FPA. I wanted to share with you this broker. I haven't tested it yet. I like it because it offers cTrader with one of the lowest comissions I've ever seen for cTrader (2$/100k per side). Is there anybody with experience in that broker? Anyone knows some useful...
  16. f-man

    Intensive Review of the cTrader - Currency Trading Platform

    A few weeks ago I got a message from the Mod if I would like to make an intensive Review on a new Trading Platform. I didn't need to think much to give a positive answer, because I enjoy trading Forex more than anything else! This review had to start a few weeks ago actually, but because we...