currency trading

  1. J

    Manual Foreign Currency Trading?

    I know very little about FOREX and currency trading but I want to start trading soon. Recently I talked to the father of a friend of mine. He was a software engineer and maybe he was just making everything up but I was intrigued. What he did was from the late 80s until 1991. He said before...
  2. mtfxlive

    MTFX Monthly Currency Forecast - July 2016

    Dear Forum Members, Please see below, a detailed forecast on the major currencies for the current month and beyond. Hope the information provided is beneficial for you, and I look forward to learning from others views as well. US Dollar: The US dollar has been the beneficiary of recent Brexit...
  3. NicholasM

    Things Successful Forex Traders Do That You Probably Ignored

    First: Successful traders never put your eggs in one basket however promising it might look; ignore this, and you could be out of the game before you know it. Sometimes optimism fails us, we feel that we have a strong conviction about a particular trade and then put too much towards that...
  4. malakelfaleh

    Advantages of currencies over stocks

    ADVANTAGES OF CURRENCIES OVER STOCKS Simplicity. There are generally the same four foremost currency pairs swapped on the Forex Market, thus you may be adept to get a feel for cost movement patterns and currency Behavior very quickly. There are thousands of securities on the stock market, and...