danny wall

  1. vincam

    Problem The Danny Wall Scam In Depth MUST READ!

    So if you don't know me I originally got on to FPA after the scammer Danny Wall stole $1000 from me. I have since sought to help others on the FPA not get caught in his types of scams and always hold a special place in my toilet for Mr. Wall. The following conversation took place with Mr. Wall...
  2. Scam Investigations Committee

    4SqA.com and Danny Wall, the Master of Stall

    4SqA.com and Danny Wall, the Master of Stall FPA member Vincam thought his forex investment was a sure thing. It was supposedly a “guaranteed pool” run by Danny Wall of 4 Squared Analytics. All went well until Vincam requested to withdraw $1000 owed to him. Vincam reports that after...
  3. vincam

    Problem Danny Wall, 4 squared, 4sqa.com SCAM

    This dude Danny Wall just stole 1k of my money, was supposed to return in three weeks, he stalled me for three weeks then totally quit responding to communications including my last stating if he did not respond he was acknowledging that he was scamming me. DO NOT SEND HIM ANY MONEY!!!! I have...