day trading strategy

  1. JasonRS

    5 Minutes Golden Crossover

    This strategy works best in 5 minutes timeframe so it's named as 5minutes Golden Crossover Strategy Here EMAs Used - 4,9,18 4 cuts 9 & 18 from above - Sell Entry 4 cuts 9 & 18 from below - Buy Entry EMAs Sequence must be formed for a valid entry - Always Adding PIVOTS to Golden Crossover gives...
  2. ٍSara94

    Need simple day trading strategy!

    Hello! :) I'm Sara and I'm from Egypt. I'm posting here hoping to find a few answers to my questions and possibly get some help. I have tried to trade before with a few brokers but I don't prefer to continue with any of the ones I tried. Am looking for a simple day trading strategy, thats why im...