1. Hanh Nguyen

    Dingtian - www.dtnet3650.com - Withdrawal Issues!!!

    Hi dear, I'm not sure my case is Scam or not (hope is not). But I have waited for 2 weeks, and now their supporter keep silent every I provide my information. I and my friend deposited on this platform about 66k USDT and withdrew successful 2 times (50 USDT per time). About 2 weeks ago, I...
  2. G

    Problem Warning - dtnet3650 is the new Effortwe and Flying Hummingbird

    Careful everyone! The broker website dtnet3650 (company "Ding Tian International") is the new name of the scam broker Effortwe360, previously called Flying Hummingbird. Both scam websites Effortwe and Flying are shut down. Website link : dtnet3650.com The website is on the same server...