1. Andrew Mitchem

    Strength in the New Zealand Dollar to start the week – Currency Strength and Weakness for Monday 6th July 2020

    Hi Forex Trader, I make my suggestions every day based on where I see the market heading over the next 24 hours. Use my analysis below to aid your trading and to help you keep on the right side of the market. My suggestions are posted by 6pm EST each day. For The Forex Trading Coach clients...
  2. syamfx2020

    Dollar hovers around last week high

    US Dollar recovered from the previous session losses, at the time writing $DXY hovers around last week high the 97.75. Any break above this level will open the doors to 98.30 and on the other side the immediate support around 97.00.
  3. syamfx2020

    US new home sales strongly rebounded in May

    According to the census bureau of the US Department of Commerce, US new home sales strongly rebounded 16.6% in May to an annual rate of 676,000. The figure also came in 12.7% higher than in May 2019 reading. US Dollar slightly appreciated after better-than-expected economic data.
  4. syamfx2020

    Wall Street retreats from the top, while dollar making new high

    Wall Street opened slightly higher today but look like the trend is changing. In the currency market, $DXY is trying to break 97. The Dollar boosted after US Consumer Sentiment reported stronger than expected. The consumer sentiment for the US rose to 78.9 in June 2020 from 72.3 in the previous...
  5. fullertonmarkets

    Fed May Offer Dollar A Boost This Week

    With the market expecting Fed to act slightly neutral, dollar could rise higher this week. Besides strong performance in the US stock market, the Fed may find another four reasons that refrain them from leashing further easing measures for now, which could offer dollar some boost this week...
  6. syamfx2020

    Dollar slightly rebounded

    The dollar index edged up slightly after the US Initial Jobless claims reported 2.438 million, the lowest level since the coronavirus crisis began and Philadelphia's Manufacturing index improved modestly to -43.1 in May from -56.6 in April.
  7. fullertonmarkets

    Don’t Put Too Much Faith on Dollar This Time

    The market is in extreme risk-off mode, we recommend selling USD/JPY on peak and buying gold at dip. Asia’s early session shows market has no confidence in economic outlook Stock futures tumbled in overnight trading Sunday as investors continued to brace for the economic fallout from the...

    Fibogroup Market Analysis 2020

    The virus is rapidly spreading: 1995 confirmed cases in China (this morning), 31- in other countries, including two cases in the USA. In the morning, confirmed 1 case Canada. In the Russia so far there are no confirmed cases. ========== The negative impact on the economy is no longer in doubt...
  9. fullertonmarkets

    Aussie Dollar Becomes the Victim Due to Coronavirus

    As uncertainties continue to weigh on global economy, short Aussie at rally. Aussie drops as global economy under pressure Many businesses across China are set to remain closed on Monday, despite the government’s efforts to restart the world’s second-largest economy following the deadly...
  10. fxstrategist

    Possible double top on the Dollar index?

    The Dollar index bounces to the upside from the 96.00 level and goes back to the high at the 97.53 level, where it may find some resistance. If the index bounces to the downside from the 97.53 level, then it may form a double top formation. In order for the double top formation to be confirmed...
  11. Vistabrokers

    Technical and Market Analysis by Vistabrokers

    Vistabrokers CIF Ltd is an International Investment and Brokerage Company. Here you can find our daily technical and market analysis.
  12. zebrafx

    Free Technical Analysis by zebrafx

    Euro, where are you going to go?? » zebrafx The technical picture for the euro currency portends “sales”. For example, moving averages with parameters 20 and 34, hasn’t formed a reverse “buy” signal. Stochastic Oscillator has generated a sell signal by intersection of % K and %D. Also...
  13. Forexminute Daily Analysis: Euro Soars Ahead of Eurogroup Meetings

    The euro is trading higher today versus a number of its peers ahead of the Eurogroup meetings, which is expected to last 2 days. Traders are the most confident in the European single currency than they have been in previous trading weeks, as the euro has been a touch oversold recently. The...
  14. Forexminute

    US Dollar the Currency to Buy on Global Economic Uncertainty

    USD remains stable On Friday the US dollar remained stable to higher against the other most important currencies, following the publication of the mixed U.S. trade and industry data, as anxiety over the management of the sovereign liability crisis in the Euro zone weighed on demand for...
  15. Forexminute Daily Analysis: Yen Slides Due to Bullish Stocks

    US DOLLAR Dollar flounders - its biggest hit in 12 weeks Despite the fact that wide-ranging market circumstances are not favorable for maintaining the trends of US equities, as a benchmark for risk appetite, have floundered, the dollar has nonetheless suffered, its biggest hit in 12 weeks...
  16. Forexminute Commodities News: Crude Oil Makes a Bullish Comeback on the Weaker Dollar!

    Crude oil futures managed to make a bullish comeback this morning on the much weaker dollar. The energy has climbed this morning by 45 cents to $88.95. This is after it made very heavy declines during yesterday's trading session. It is important to take into account that crude slumped yesterday...
  17. Forexminute Daily Analysis: USD index Climbs to a Two Month High

    Dollar USD peaks due to investment inflows The dollar reached a two month peak on Friday as it gained due to the inflows of investment to the U.S. dollar as it proves to be a safe haven in comparison to the other economically weaker currencies. The European debt crisis and the financial...
  18. Forexminute Daily Analysis: Euro Demand Higher Despite the Woes of the Eurozone

    Dollar The dollar has been one of the weakest currencies this Thursday, as traders have decided to sell havens. There is a degree of risk appetite which is exclusive to the forex market this morning. The GBP/USD pair has risen 0.07 percent to $1.5852. The AUD/USD has climbed 0.06 percent to...
  19. Forexminute Daily Analysis: Gold Surges on the Weaker Greenback

    Dollar There is little demand for the dollar today on the ongoing debate over the concerns of the federal budget balance. The GBP/USD pair is up 0.09 percent at $1.5885. The USD/CAD has slumped 0.08 percent to 1.0012 Canadian cents. The USD/CHF is lower by 0.12 percent at 0.9462 Swiss francs...
  20. Forexminute Daily Analysis: Stocks Go Lower on the Eurozone's Woes

    Dollar The dollar is much stronger versus its peers today. This is as the demand for safe-haven currencies rises. There are mounting fiscal woes with regards to the U.S. economy. In addition, there has been no concrete agreement by European policymakers on how to rescue the Eurozone. All of...