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  1. Scam Investigations Committee

    DragonPips – Why won't they refund the money?

    DragonPips – Why won't they refund the money? DragonPips advertised in the FPA's forums, with the subject line “Dragonpips.com - $1,000 Exploding Into $78,352,326”. FPA member Aussie2010 found that it only blew a hole in his wallet. Aussie2010 was so impressed by the claims on the Dragon...
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    Dragonpips Ea Is A Scam

    Dont waste your money or time with these scammers, in my search for a profitable EA I decided to buy this EA after I didnt find any negative comments on the net about them and after checking and receiving a guarantee from them: "Dear, We give 2 guarantee for all customers, 28 hours for...
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    New Forex Stuff Dragonpips.com - $1,000 Exploding Into $78,352,326

    Hi, My name is cikgu Fact, 90% of new Forex traders lose all their money within their first 3 months of trading.., But use our robot will give you opportunity to make money more and more everyday just by trading 2 hours per day..! No robot can do that Guarantee 90 DAYS Money Back 10 Years...