e toro

  1. olomos55

    Complaint by a Multi - failure to pay etoro commissions

    Hello everyone! I have asked etoro to pay the commissions for a missing payment for 2015 and I am awaiting their reply
  2. G

    My problem with eToro

    Bonjour etoro à fermer à tord ma position parce que j'étais en train de gagner de l'argent mon SL n'a jamais été atteint mais etoro à quand même fermer ma position sous faux prétexte qu'il à été atteint
  3. Danroma87

    ETORO blocked my money for a transfer of 200EUROS in BTC from wallet

    Hello, I received on the 27 November an email ETORO where my etoro wallet was blocked, I was asked my relation with a specificif bitcoin address. I sent 200euros less or more of BTC, for the purchase of an iPad, which was regularly listed on an second had website, the seller, convinced me to...
  4. galacoke

    class action lawsuit etoro

    Hello house, I received this email from etoro. The email from etoro says they are going to close all the open postions in my portfolio. Consequently, I'll be recording a losing year as I'm a position trader. Anyone having similar experience from etoro? Is there a possiblity of filling a class...
  5. thecapital

    id like to get a feedback advice on what's my chances taking eToro to court

    Hi FPA! I was etoro client since 2018. I had multiple issues with them before, which resulted in loss of $10k, but I didn't bother much. They paid me some peanuts compensation. I let them have it as for me it was a learning experience. The company has crossed the line now, I want to bring...
  6. troyamberton


    ETORO MAFIA FRAUD $AUD 155.000 For information purposes to protect future users from modern mafia
  7. D

    Problem ETORO also SCAM!

    Hello guys, I want to advert that Etoro is another Scammer company as they are closing positions whenever they want and also when the market is a bit down! Look at my case: today at 17:52 they closed a position on Oil (the business of march 2020!) at 25.88 but on other platforms it never...
  8. Arjani


    Old and new facts but useful to know. As I am not newbie now and Etoro still doing this. 1) ETORO SYSTEM CLOSES TRADES WHILE IN DEEP RED. You loose $12000 they compensate the spread. Spread of $2. Proof attached. 2) Last week Etoro system stopped working (2020 end of February) during market...