ea performance tests

  1. FPA Testing

    New performance tests 2014-06-10

    Today there are 11 new tests, 8 EAs and 3 Managed Accounts. 8 EAs here Amazon Intell Profit Forex Kyro EA Broker Arbitrage KingTrader King Trader Elite RapidE from iticsoftware.com BETTER PROFIT EA Forex MachineGun 3 Managed Accounts here AMH Porfolio...
  2. FPA Testing

    New performance tests 2014-06-03

    Today I've got 6 new tests, 3 EAs, 2 signals and 1 managed account . 3 EAs FX EURO Promised Trend EA 24by5forex EA 2 Signals TradeAlerter Mile High Trading Signals 1 managed account EAR16 MANAGED As always all the volunteers have my thanks. Good luck and happy...
  3. FPA Testing

    New performance tests 2014-05-06

    Today I've got 5 tests - 4 EAs, 1 managed account for you. 4 EA Performance Tests here: VD-FXtrader Ear16 GOLD ECN EA V1.1.2 Remora EA 1 Managed Account here: 2 million managed As always my many thanks to them for volunteering. Happy trading and good luck!