1. CryptoPopo

    How To Train Your Trading Psychology

    Here's a really good way of improving your trading psychology : Make demo accounts 'like' real accounts : Say you wanted to deposit $100 in your real account. A good way to train is through trading in demo account but with a budget of $100, no less. So you would always keep the principle of...
  2. I

    Easy Forex Worldwide Limited (subsidiary company of easy-forex.com) regulation

    I can confirm that Easy Forex Worldwide Limited is a company registered in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. For ease of reference I have attached a link to the Guernsey Registry website and in addition a direct link to the company itself...
  3. O

    credit card and Easy Forex

    Hi, Maybe somebody deal with the company Easy Forex Trading Limited Regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) - Licence Number 079/07, if so be careful because they taking the money from your credit card without your permission. You will not know when your account will...
  4. F

    Protect novice investors: Awareness Easy Forex

    Dear Sir or Madam, I am asking for little of your attention that may help to protect many novice investors like me from disastrous experiences. The disastrous experience that I allowed myself with a specific Online Forex Trading Co., named Easy Forex, is of course solely my responsibility...
  5. Jarratt Davis

    Day-Trading: Is It a Realistic Business?

    The fact is that there are people who make their living from day-trading the financial markets. There are also more people who lose their entire investment very quickly from this activity. So why do the winners win and the losers lose? And what is a sensible strategy for ensuring that you are a...
  6. T

    Easy Forex Real or scam?

    I registered with Easy Forex (easy.com). I was attracted by their platform listing ZAR as well as being able to fund with a Credit card. The platform does not seem very sophisticated. They contacted me minutes later to assist with funding my account, but declined a demo account until I had...
  7. Junaidali8100

    SCAM ALERT, Easy Forex Debited my account with 1475 USD

    SCAM ALERT, Easy Forex Debited my account with 1475 USD giving me a reason that I have been involved in unauthorized trading activity. as long as I have not requested for a withdrawal I was a very good trader and my account manager Nicolas contact me normally. Now Nicolas cannot answer my...
  8. vane24

    easy forex SCAM

    attendo da diversi mesi di ricevere un risarcimento danni dovuto al mal funzionamento della loro piattaforma, ma non ho mai ricevuto nulla;il supporto completamente sparito,stessa cosa il reparto compliance, cosa devo fare?
  9. farhan2311

    Easy-forex.com withdrawal not received

    Hi there... I had account with easy-forex.com. Easy Forex user name: farhan23 I withdrawal $1000 --- 3-Dec-2014 from my easy forex account to my Bank Alfalah bank account. My bank asked me for source of funds I told easy-forex is sender and my trading account is with them. Which my bank...
  10. livingbarross

    Resolved - Problems with easyMarkets / Easy-Forex!

    I'm currently having big problems to withdraw the profits I've made with the No Deposit Bonus promotion. They are making my account verification process a hassle, they are creating barriers that do not exist to prevent me to withdraw some money. I contacted them several times and I am still...
  11. R

    How I uncovered Easy-Forex scam and few conclusions

    The wild Easy-Forex ride took place in Israel and part of it is told in the website: Easy-Forex-Warning.com. Yet, I believe cruel and evil people are everywhere and therefore my experience should be a lesson to all of us. A neighbor of mine, Eli Sofer, told me about a great Forex company he and...
  12. M

    Resolved - Scam Easy forex Partners

    I created an affiliate account with Easy Forex and placed banners to my website. everything was ok for about 2 months. when I earned $600 and time comes to make payment they asked me do you know your clients? I said no, I dont know my clients. after that they said we are investigating your...
  13. N

    RESOLVED Easy Forex Vanished My $2063 value Account

    My Easy Forex Account id: 3760838 I register account on 8th April 2015. They offered 100$ deposit and get 100$ bonus instant. After I traded regularly and also I and Easy forex were going happily. My account was fully verified. I got profits and my total account balance $2063.33...
  14. S

    Easy-forex - very bad slippage issue

    Hello guys, On Nonfarm Payroll of last week (Dec 6th 2013), I got a very bad situation and experience with Easy-Forex. Before NonFarm Payroll, I placed 2 orders, first was "sell limit Gold (3 lot) at 1222.47 sl 1230.58 tp 1205.99" and the second "“sell stop Gold 6lot at 1217.88 sl 1225.99...
  15. S

    easy-forex targeting the naive

    Easy-forex has changed their legal name to Blue Capital Markets, likely for reasons resulting from being threatened by a trader who suffered great losses after his account was tampered with, a regular occurrence at easy-forex. Easy-forex thrives on trader deposits only, not their trades...
  16. P

    Easy Forex Scammers

    Stay away, they deduct Rollover fees ( no active investments in the Market) and empty your account. You will get no response from them, obviously!
  17. domainking131

    Very safe and excellent forex trading website... SPAM ABOUT EASY-FOREX

    Forex trader, did you try out the easy-forex TradeDesk, web platform, MT4 or iPhone app? You can go for it right away. Its easy to set-up and employs the world's best analysts and traders who give excellent advices. Go for it and excell!! I tried out. Its really very easy and handy. To...
  18. Scam Investigations Committee

    RESOLVED - This Broker Tried to End Your Right to Read About Them

    APRIL 2015 UPDATE: I am very pleased to report that the new management at Easy-Forex has permanently and irrevocably rescinded this threat. The FPA now considers this issue to be resolved. Bill K. - AsstModerator Most messages to the FPA get answered by the Forums Team or the Review...
  19. R

    Easy Forex Scam

    A website was recently published that uncovers scams that took place in Easy-Forex in the years 2005-2007 which robbed the money of many of their clients through false forex trades. The URL: Easy-Forex The information presented in this website is based on a book that is backed-up by dozens...