1. P

    Easy Forex Scammers

    Stay away, they deduct Rollover fees ( no active investments in the Market) and empty your account. You will get no response from them, obviously!
  2. R

    Easy Forex Scam

    A website was recently published that uncovers scams that took place in Easy-Forex in the years 2005-2007 which robbed the money of many of their clients through false forex trades. The URL: Easy-Forex The information presented in this website is based on a book that is backed-up by dozens...
  3. I

    Easy Forex Worldwide Limited (subsidiary company of easy-forex.com) regulation

    I can confirm that Easy Forex Worldwide Limited is a company registered in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. For ease of reference I have attached a link to the Guernsey Registry website and in addition a direct link to the company itself...
  4. farhan2311

    Easy-forex.com withdrawal not received

    Hi there... I had account with easy-forex.com. Easy Forex user name: farhan23 I withdrawal $1000 --- 3-Dec-2014 from my easy forex account to my Bank Alfalah bank account. My bank asked me for source of funds I told easy-forex is sender and my trading account is with them. Which my bank...
  5. vane24

    Complaint by a Multi - easy forex SCAM

    attendo da diversi mesi di ricevere un risarcimento danni dovuto al mal funzionamento della loro piattaforma, ma non ho mai ricevuto nulla;il supporto completamente sparito,stessa cosa il reparto compliance, cosa devo fare?
  6. Junaidali8100

    SCAM ALERT, Easy Forex Debited my account with 1475 USD

    SCAM ALERT, Easy Forex Debited my account with 1475 USD giving me a reason that I have been involved in unauthorized trading activity. as long as I have not requested for a withdrawal I was a very good trader and my account manager Nicolas contact me normally. Now Nicolas cannot answer my...