1. D

    Resolved: EasyMarkets Problem

    Approximately three months (28/08/2023) I transferred 1,698.65 USD to easymarkets but the funds have still not been credited to my account due to a mistake made by the payments processor used by easymarkets (see attachment below). Has anyone had this problem before and did you take further...
  2. andyonandy


    I am currently facing this issue and they keep changing their terms. I have IB/affiliate commissions of a little over $5800 stuck with them. Today this, tomorrow that, they once said to bring 5 clients before i'll be paid, i did and still no pay, now they say the clients I brought only made $100...
  3. S

    Easy Markets Partner

    I registered on easy partners as an affiliate. I had invitees, and now I have $400 commission, which they haven't payed yet. Please help to solve this case.
  4. E

    Problem Easymarkets is scam, refuse to pay profits

    Easymarkets would do anything put you on a vulnerable position to make losses. I was introduced to Easymarkets by my friends. We used an EA to run my account. Luckly, a profit of AUD 69,303.26 was made in my trading account. Easymarkets decided to only refund my principals but keep the...
  5. limhoochon

    easymarket(easy-forex) withhold my affiliate commission for many years

    I was an affiliate with easy-forex, now re-name easy market many years ago.The last balance in my account amounting to $680 has been withhold by the company until now. What can I do to claim the money? Can anyone advice me,please.
  6. W

    It was so easy to figure out that easymarkets is a scam!!!

    This is not surprising for existing easymarkets users at all, but for new users please keep an eye on your trades and SL prices....
  7. J

    EasyMarkets.com Have Cheated Me Just Like They Did To Other Affiliates - Video Proof is Posted

    Hello guys, I was affiliate with EasyMarkets (easyforex) since 2 to 3 months and I just figured out how this broker have been cheating me. There is a rule for the affiliates to get paid for the CPA sales, for instant the referred client should deposit minimum of $100 and trade 2.50 lots which...
  8. K

    Resolved - Easymarkets Scam unedited Edition

    Dear Members I noticed some unusual occurrence by easy market company whereby they were having a difference of between 0.5pip and 2.5pips variance on trades where stop loss would be hit faster or even before the market rate, take profit would delay to be hit. The fact to note is the nature of...
  9. R


    Good day, I posted a review but forgot to copy it here lol, I am a full time trader and recently I have been arguing with Easy Forex/ Easy Markets and the are stealing $7000 from me. This all started last week Thursday 1 September 2016 when I was having problems with the connection to Easy...
  10. T

    Easy Forex Real or scam?

    I registered with Easy Forex (easy.com). I was attracted by their platform listing ZAR as well as being able to fund with a Credit card. The platform does not seem very sophisticated. They contacted me minutes later to assist with funding my account, but declined a demo account until I had...
  11. M

    EasyMarkets 2419 USD profits trades Cancelled

    I deposit 900 USD to Easy Markets (old name easy forex) and start trading. After some trading i earn some money and request for withdraw of my initial deposit amount of 900 USD. I receive 900 back to my debit card successfully. After 1 week I request for another withdraw of 1500 USD on 28-April...