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    Fraud Broker

    Withdrawal not processed yet. Almost 20 days now and don't know whether I would receive my fund back or not. Broker seems to be fraud as online chat person says my account is under scrutiny for my trades. Never done any hedging, no scalping nor EA, just simple manual trades. Beware before...
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    ECNTradeFX scalping allowance and profit reset

    I would like to contribute a few details about ECNtradeFX. I chose this broker for excelent offer favorable terms and conditions such as scalping without restriction on ECN account. So I opened real ECN account. Bank wire transfer to my expectations lasted long enough, several times I was...
  3. S - More than a month since I sent my withdrawal form!

    I sent in my withdrawal forrm more than a month ago now! They did not pay my withdrawal amount yet! And On their Form it says processed usually within 2 days of them receiving it!!! Live support cant help you, the guy just says withdrawals is not his department. When you send an email to them at...
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    ECNtradefx & Nord Markets

    on December 28, 2009. I had a long position on AUD/JYP at entry price of 81.299, SL 80.420. Suddenly at 23:00 Pm a spike toward my SL triggered and in a second it came back to its location after hitting my SL. I compare such move and there was in no other platform neither in live nor with...
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