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  1. E

    Why Can not open Economic calendar?

    anyone has some issue with me ? I cannot open economic calendar. I use google chrome and already turn off my adblock , already turn off my add on extension. but still cannot open. I already use another browser like mozila firefox or...
  2. Superfx_official

    SuperForex Analytics and Economic News

    Hello dear friends! In this thread, we will post daily technical analysis, as well as economic news that affect forex. We hope our analytics will help you make more profitable trades!
  3. zebrafx

    Economic news by zebrafx

    VISA AND MASTERCARD OR NATIONAL PAYMENT SYSTEM: PRINCIPLES BEFORE PROFITS? Is it true that a plastic card in your wallet is safer than cash in your pocket? It has really been so until recently, but the latest events in Ukraine have called this idea into question. The complicated situation...
  4. h0rked

    Best sources to get latest economic news and updates in real time

    Hello everyone, As you all know in recent time the news is moving everything on the market , And that's why I wanted to share the best free/paid resources to get the latest news as fast as possible. Here is my list : 1 - Forex Factory - Fast updates from different resources . -...