1. needhelp2021

    effortwe365 is a new version

    Once again don't trust this forex trader is scum, it's the same platform frm RICHNESSEMPIRE to hummingbird now this effortwe... Be careful guys good luck.
  2. G

    Flying Hummingbird / EffortWe Global Scam !!!

    Hi all I have unfortunately fallen prey to the evil of this world. I have been scammed of almost my entire savings for Forex investing with a broker who turned out to be an organized crime gang operating from China or South East Asia laundering money through cyber criminality. I have reason to...
  3. LRichard91

    Effortwe Global Scam

    Has anyone here traded through this platform? Effortwe Global. They are scammed and I lost some money with it I know they are registered in UK (but i think they base in Hongkong) How can I report them?