1. chithanh85

    Eightcap scams clients in Viet Nam

    Hello fellow traders, I am an experienced trader in Viet Nam. Today, I create this topic for those scammed by Eightcap broker can post their evidence here. Many of my friends and other clients were stolen money by Eightcap. Many clients in Viet Nam have been removed their profit and all of...
  2. QuantumFX.co.uk

    Eightcap have not paid our IB commissions now for 3 months

    Eightcap have not paid our IB commissions for over 3 months now. We have introduced clients and have deposited over $2,000,000.00 they have not paid our commissions on introduced clients rebates of 0.4 pips on Standard Accounts and 0.2 pips on Raw accounts (ECN) see IB contract attached (i...