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  1. Bulletproof Traders

    Mastering the Wave Theory

    Mastering the Wave Theory

    Crude Oil by Solid ECN

    Crude Oil, the price may fall. On the daily chart, the upward wave C forms, within which the first wave 1 of (1) of C developed, and a downward correction develops as the second wave 2 of (1) of C. Now, the wave of the lower level a of 2 is developing, within which a local correction has ended...

    Only Elliot Wave Analysis - SolidECN

    AUDUSD Elliot Wave analysis The pair may fall. On the daily chart, the first wave of the higher level (1) of C developed, and a downward correction forms as the wave (2) of C, within which the wave C of (2) develops. Now, the third wave of the lower level iii of C is forming, within which the...
  4. V

    Elliott Wave, using MACD to determine the wave level, with and only unique

    Many friends who study waves will encounter bottlenecks after a certain period of time. The wave level. In this article, I explain the level of waves with a very simple MACD principle This method is not completely accurate。But as a reference method, it can save time and cost to a great extent...
  5. erik59

    Market & Elliott Wave analysis: D1 for EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, AUD/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/CAD, NZD/USD & GOLD/USD

    Hello I am doing weekly analysis of the market every weekend on the above pairs (D1). My analysis is based on profitunity trading and science of chaos. I analyzed the market momentum through the Elliott Waves, the potential pairs to look at for the week coming in order to take a trade on H4 or...
  6. A

    Elliott Wave Analysis & Forecast (Daily Update) Forex, Gold, Oil, S&P

    Elliott Wave outlook/forecast on forex pairs, gold, oil, s&p, dollar index