1. K

    Empfx problem

    Any one can help on this matter .. myself too I have been scamed by empfx and I could not got my money .. but my store is earlier .. I have requested to close my account 101561 (Close Account) since Mar 20, 2009, I was contacting Karim from Lebanon his email kzm@empfx.com .. after a lot of...
  2. Scam Investigations Committee

    Hello EMPfx, when will these traders be paid?

    EMPfx was a very well rated broker. Back in October, they announced that the brokerage was closing and that all clients would be paid. Payments were received by some and not others. The FPA Forums Team contacted EMP fx on October 29th and asked what was going on. EMPfx support wrote back...
  3. P

    EMPFX and E-Money Power-Failure to return Clients Funds

    I was hoping that I would not have to post this in the scam alerts folder but I don't think there is any choice left. So here we go: EMPFX sent an email to all clients on 25 October 2009 advising that they were ceasing activities and inviting their clents to fill in a withdrawal request. They...
  4. P

    Problem What happened to EMPFX?

    Is anyone aware what happened to this broker? See their email below. ............. Dear Client, In view of EMPfx ceasing its activities as of Sunday 25th of October 2009, all open positions will be closed and trading will be closed and become inactive as of today. In order for us to...
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    Discuss EMPfx.com (E-Money Power)

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