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    eTORO platform problems

    I`ve noticed that eTORO has been facing serious platform problems last month. I`m wondering those every-day-more-often platform freezes are bad software problem or is there something that we don`t know? Any advice or experience is welcome! :)
  2. R

    Etoro partners not paying commission !!!

    I am from Singapore and have join Etoro partners. I have help them promote the partners link actively. My affliates commssion for the month of March 2012 is shown at $200USD. However i had contacted the Etoro manager Mr Chu JinXin on Facebook . But no response. I had also email etoro partners...
  3. I

    etoro affiliate issue - RESOLVED

    HI I am the owner of the account "ilebsm". I made 590$ for referring people on Dec 2011, and now is 19th Jan 2012 I havent got money. I sent emails to my manager and etoro support but have got no reply. I want to tell you this is the first time I work with etoro but they made me down really...
  4. read-only

    Getting Withdrawal Funds back from eTORO

    I am wondering if anyone here has had difficulties withdrawing funds from eToro (I mean, actual winnings). I'm (I think) about 3 weeks in to the process now, and I'm starting to doubt whether there is a serious intention of paying me out. I could tell a long story of the tactics they are...
  5. okeydate

    eToro refused to close my unused account

    After I have made little profit from eToro, I have realized that they are great for forex learning environment for newbies but not suitable for serious trader. So I asked eToro support to close my account. But support staff "Kate" did copy-and -paste answer again and again and refused to close...
  6. S

    Etoro claim Order in forex is not guarantee

    Hi there, I've place a Pending Oder with my broker and the order isn't executed when the condition meets. I have write in to the broker as follows: Just to be sure I didn't get the info wrong, so this means that if I set a stop lost or take profit, eToro does not guarantee that they will...
  7. P

    Beware Of

    Friend I warn you not open account with this broker.They disable the trade execution anytime when you are loosing.See printscreen..They are a big scam
  8. C

    eToro - RESOLVED

    Hello, greetings from Beijing, China. I just joined FPA because I would like to share my bad experience with you in eToro, and to alert you and others of this broker. Counting on your help and support.
  9. W

    Etoro-failure to pay out after months

    just to let you know that I have an account with eToro in the US and in Cyprus. Since May we have been trying to withdraw money to the eToro card ( which is offered through Payoneer ) and we have had absolutely no success. The amount we have invested in eToro is substantial and it is unthinkable...
  10. S

    etoro wire deposit

    my name is abolade olanrewaju samuel from Nigeria i wireD $590 since 23rd of sept 2010 to etoro by wire deposit method but till now they did not credit my account after i have sent them the scanned copy of my wire transaction form. i chatted with them to ask why my fund is not being credited to...
  11. A

    eToro problems

    Hi. I use eToro software to trade, but because of software failure, i've lost money by the stoploss not changing to tha ammount i set i to, and now eToro won't pay me back my money. they have answered my mail once, and thats all. Pluss the bonus for referring a friend, thats just a scam. never...
  12. T

    Etoro Does Not Approve My Withdrawal

    Dear FPA, I wrote this letter because i feel so confuse to request withdrawal at Etoro (eToro - Online Forex Trading Platform). They always asked to me to send a withdrawal form. I sent that documents as clear as possible, but they asked it again. I made many succesful withdrawal before, but i...
  13. T

    Etoro Approved My Withdrawal but still no money

    Dear FPA, I wrote this letter because i request withdrawal at Etoro (eToro - Online Forex Trading Platform) and i got withdrawal approval on 15 Jun 2009, but i still did not got any money from them. 1. Subject: When you were offline (via LivePerson) [Username:] tiiger1979 i got...
  14. Gorman

    Etoro Scam ??

    I opened up a large trade with etoro last week. I first saw that things were not going right when i did not receive the advertised spreed. Etoro spreed is shown as the buy price minus the sell. But the spreed received was 150% putting me under more pressure to close the gap. I decided to go...
  15. I


    Hello, i start trading on Etoro months ago i deposit 350$ from my credit card, i make some profit, after sometime i pay for a professional trader to trade on me, and he is good until now i have 850$ because of him, after a while this trader want 50% profit to stay with me so i refused and now i...
  16. A

    etoro scam

    This site is a very fraudulent forex site. I have been trading with etoro for about 6 yrs. Their stop loss never gets triggered . For example if you place your stop loss at 100$ and you are trading with 200 dollars when the trade starts going against you instead of the stop loss to get trigger...
  17. A

    Etoro Potential Scam Alert

    I recently joined Etoro deposited $1,000. no matter how well you seem to do copying traders (who know what they are doing), you seem to continually lose money every day. the next day i could not log into my etoro account. the day after that i got in and initiated a withdrawal for the...
  18. T

    eToro inactivity fee

    I was told to leave my account and it would become inactive. Imagine how happy I was to then discover that I would be getting charged a $5 MONTHLY INACTIVITY FEE?!?!
  19. C bluntly stilling money from account and give no explanation

    Here what happened. Following repeated suspicious unauthorized activity on their web-trader I realised I ve been milked by the company and decided to cut my losses seize all trading and on the 5/11/14 I request a withdrawn .At the time my balance was 1,570.90 of which 314.43 were etoro credit...
  20. V

    eToro niega su negligencia en administración y no me reembolso el depósito

    ...le contacto respecto a mi retiro de eToro. Hice un retiro día 29 de septiembre 2014 de mi cuenta de eToro. El deposito fue efectuado con mi cuenta de Skrill Al hacer retiro del portal de eToro mi ordenador introdujo en la casilla de correo de Skrill, un correo erróneo y...