1. S

    Good Luck with Plus500 and Etoro

    Etoro does'nt pay out there Customers if you made profits, if you loose your money, they fine with you. They have the worst platform i ever tried including Plus500. They booth cheating on their clients. Run away as fast as you can! Regards, David
  2. C

    ETORO is a scam

    I declare that I was a user in the eToro platform under the username : chikh2012 and on the December 3, 2013 I received an email from eToro saying that I have not complied with the conditions of uses ( multiple accounts ) and that my account will be closed within 14 days. This period was given...
  3. M

    Etoro is a scam broker

    My user name is Madboy194 at etoro i started trading with them on $20 bonus and a worked really hard for an year after an year i submitted my documents for verification and those were accepted i changed my address by sending a proof of my id and it was accepted then when i request for withdrawal...
  4. G

    Etoro rip off my money and said sorry

    hello the case is I opened AUD/USD sell position on 27-11-2013 07:19 GMT at 0.9106 and my stop loss was 0.9138 and take profit was 0.9072.However, they close my position at 0.9135 and all what they say is that sorry that you don't know the system . also, they said to me that they don't take...
  5. T


    Hello guys here, Im working in C50 (High-tech Crime Prevention Police Department) in Vietnam. Recently, I saw someone claming about a issue with a company named ETORO, has website : is the main one. Almost told that they cant withdraw money from their account when they make profit...
  6. S

    Resolved - ETORO withdrawal issue - very consufing broker

    Hey Guys, I opened an account at Etoro. I deposited and made profit by trading. Now I tried to withdraw my profit of $202 but they rejects it many times. I dont have a passport, so that at first I sent them my National ID card (both sides) which I used to verify my account at Exness, Hotforex...
  7. L

    scammed by etoro

    i opened account in etoro copied some tradeers they made profit then when i thought it is ok i deposited some money and i made profits because i think i mcade a lot 11500$ profit they gave me 3 withdrawals of 775 , 1900 and 148=75 they processed then i put withdrawls of 2500$ and 2525$ they...
  8. B

    Resolved - ETORO - bad issue makes me down

    Hey guys, ETORO is a worst service. I made $405 profit then tried to withdraw. They ask me to send ID, then ID again, then passport, then passport again many many times. Im very tired. Finally they told me they didnt accept my ID, locked my account, hold my profit. Everybody, please stay...
  9. yamasce

    eToro Affiliate Spammer

    *** Are you an amateur in forex trading? *** *** Are you very interested in forex trading but not confident and don't have the know-how? *** *** Do you want to trade with very low risks and gain consistently? *** *** Want to start from as low as $100 and get additional $50 when you deposited...
  10. D

    RESOLVED - eToro

    eToro Issue – I have been trading with this broker for just over a year. When I signed up, I went through the usual step any other broker would make you go through to verify your ID with their Compliance Department. In February, I made a number of bad trades and rather than cut my...
  11. Pieter

    eToro Stats

    I am not sure if this is a scam or not, but I do not get satisfactory answers from eToro On eToro you can copy other traders. Their web sites shows the stats of those traders. My question is: How can a trader show a loss of 39% but still show 100% profit I copied this trader and she made 2...
  12. S - strange positions - Scam ?

    Hello everyone, I've a problem with Indeed, I deposit total of $3,800 on my account and could up it to more than $7,000. So I decided to withdraw $6,500 and let the rest to continue to trade when I receive my money. What I've done is let my account and didn't log in until the...
  13. R

    RESOLVED - Etoro Inc. Issue

    Dear Traders! I am Rafia Shabbir and I am a trader. I traded on Etoro (Europe).Ltd and I have incurred $1900 losses due to their platform error. They promised me to compensate my money and they never did that. I am a poor girl and I didn't find any way, so I decided to take your help and to...
  14. D

    ETORO scam using copytrader

    Check the link and see how ETORO completely screwed me over. They won't even answer my emails anymore :( They take no responsibility ever. Lost $200 in 2 hours due to this and they refuse to refund or explain why.
  15. O

    RESOLVED - Etoro - scam or not, somethings wrong with them.

    i have been trading with etoro for almost half a year now despite their many problems with their webtrader, i stuck by them as i do admit their openbook and webtrader is very easy to adjust to. i have of course lost a lot of money due to my own bad trades but this is not the issue i had these...
  16. B

    Etoro partners/affiliate Program is Big Scam!

    Etoro partners/affiliate Program is Big Scam! I referred one real user and got $150 commission (CPA program) in 11/2011, but I have not got payment until now. I sent a lot of emails to and Affiliate manager,also I leaved message to their website, but never...
  17. V

    RESOLVED - Etoro Platform-The worst for trading ever

    Problem (Resolution at end of this message) [Hi, I joined etoro about a month ago after doing a few demo trades in the demo account. The demo account was perfect, and fast, and efficient, and together with the ease of use and understanding, I decided to open a real account. The help desk...
  18. AsstModerator

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