1. thecapital

    id like to get a feedback advice on what's my chances taking eToro to court

    Hi FPA! I was etoro client since 2018. I had multiple issues with them before, which resulted in loss of $10k, but I didn't bother much. They paid me some peanuts compensation. I let them have it as for me it was a learning experience. The company has crossed the line now, I want to bring...
  2. troyamberton


    ETORO MAFIA FRAUD $AUD 155.000 For information purposes to protect future users from modern mafia
  3. D

    ETORO also SCAM!

    Hello guys, I want to advert that Etoro is another Scammer company as they are closing positions whenever they want and also when the market is a bit down! Look at my case: today at 17:52 they closed a position on Oil (the business of march 2020!) at 25.88 but on other platforms it never...
  4. Arjani


    Old and new facts but useful to know. As I am not newbie now and Etoro still doing this. 1) ETORO SYSTEM CLOSES TRADES WHILE IN DEEP RED. You loose $12000 they compensate the spread. Spread of $2. Proof attached. 2) Last week Etoro system stopped working (2020 end of February) during market...
  5. S

    etoro refused to pay my profit

    My etoro username is - sevakyan I registered my account on 6th of September , after I verified my mobile by sms and uploaded passport and bill copy. On the same day I received email that my account is verified. After I received an email again approving that my account is verified and I can make...
  6. Y

    Scammed and outplayed by eToro..

    Hey everybody, i think i fell into an Trap named eToro... The other Day i thought it was an good Idea to just try out Trading, when i saw an Ad of eToro. I loaded my Account with 150€ via PayPal, all good so far. I started investing into BTC and won a bit, then i tried to pay it out, that did...
  7. S

    Resolved: Etoro trading platform problem

    Hello I had a long position on Eur/Jpy with take profit 123.73 On 21 of May Etoro platform was down for 2 hours!!! During this time nothing could be done - opening, closing or modifying positions and during this period my position hit take profit 123.73, but after recovering their platfor...
  8. B

    eToro partners program, deleted my account to avoid paying me.

    I had been a partner with eToro for several years but I had only ever successfully referred a single "active" trader, as far as I could tell anyway, based on the limited information available on the partner page. This single, active trader apparently made lots of trades and I racked up hundreds...
  9. A

    Etoro stealing money with automated trades

    Hi all, Recently deposited $2700 on etoro. After a 3 year break. Was driving my car and stopped for a break then suddenly noticed $2000 missing. Somehow a lot of trades opened and then were closed immediately after to force a loss on spreads. I didn't open these trades, I didn't copy anyone, I...
  10. F

    etoro - blocking me from withdrawal

    Dear FPA Community, i joined etoro last week (07. dec. 2017) and transfered money to my account (1200,- €). I got sceptical when i discovered, that you need to verify with copies of passport/ID and invoice from bill of an energy company or similar. So i waited and made absolutely no trades at...
  11. I


    Hello, i start trading on Etoro months ago i deposit 350$ from my credit card, i make some profit, after sometime i pay for a professional trader to trade on me, and he is good until now i have 850$ because of him, after a while this trader want 50% profit to stay with me so i refused and now i...
  12. D

    Etoro block my account with 323$

    My etoro username is daniali0123 Etoro block my account and do not allow me to withdraw my fund total 323$. I do not know why they block my account i have tried so many times to contact with customer support but they did not help me just saying contact with your account manger I send 10+ emails...
  13. B

    Etoro partners/affiliate Program is Big Scam!

    Etoro partners/affiliate Program is Big Scam! I referred one real user and got $150 commission (CPA program) in 11/2011, but I have not got payment until now. I sent a lot of emails to and Affiliate manager,also I leaved message to their website, but never...
  14. A

    Etoro Potential Scam Alert

    I recently joined Etoro deposited $1,000. no matter how well you seem to do copying traders (who know what they are doing), you seem to continually lose money every day. the next day i could not log into my etoro account. the day after that i got in and initiated a withdrawal for the...
  15. T

    eToro inactivity fee

    I was told to leave my account and it would become inactive. Imagine how happy I was to then discover that I would be getting charged a $5 MONTHLY INACTIVITY FEE?!?!
  16. C bluntly stilling money from account and give no explanation

    Here what happened. Following repeated suspicious unauthorized activity on their web-trader I realised I ve been milked by the company and decided to cut my losses seize all trading and on the 5/11/14 I request a withdrawn .At the time my balance was 1,570.90 of which 314.43 were etoro credit...
  17. U

    eToro scammed my commission

    hello? i have been scammed by eToro in affiliation program. i have registered with this program 3 months ago and in all these 3 months I advertised eToro and i got commission balance of 1278$ but time of paying me that balance etoro said they will pay me only 25$. i contacted them why they...
  18. V

    eToro niega su negligencia en administración y no me reembolso el depósito

    ...le contacto respecto a mi retiro de eToro. Hice un retiro día 29 de septiembre 2014 de mi cuenta de eToro. El deposito fue efectuado con mi cuenta de Skrill Al hacer retiro del portal de eToro mi ordenador introdujo en la casilla de correo de Skrill, un correo erróneo y...
  19. V

    My Etoro Account is blocked and I have 4000 usd in it, can not even login

    I have opened a trade account with etoro, and I had around 4300 usd in it, and yesterday(11 June 2017) my account is blocked. I can not login into support chat also, (it says error code 3 OR account blocked when tried on support page) so I dont know how to contact anyone can anyone please help...
  20. S

    Good Luck with Plus500 and Etoro

    Etoro does'nt pay out there Customers if you made profits, if you loose your money, they fine with you. They have the worst platform i ever tried including Plus500. They booth cheating on their clients. Run away as fast as you can! Regards, David