1. C

    ETORO is a scam

    I declare that I was a user in the eToro platform under the username : chikh2012 and on the December 3, 2013 I received an email from eToro saying that I have not complied with the conditions of uses ( multiple accounts ) and that my account will be closed within 14 days. This period was given...
  2. M

    eToro Potential Scam

    So eToro goes down several hours before the NFP is to be announced, one of the major market movers/news around. Many would have positions opened, and I suspect eToro has shut the site down on purpose (Made it look technical) and will wait until the positions move into undesired territory and...
  3. RooKiED

    eToro scammed me, taking 7500 USD. Fraud.

    Sad case about this awful brokerage company called etoro. After using etoro trading platform for two years, on March 30th 2017, I realized by myself that my account was completely blocked, strange situation since I had not been given any notice. I couldnt open new positions, withdrawals were...
  4. T

    Etoro partners

    Hi all members, I am a new member of Etoro Partners. I decided to use their affiliate program for 4 important contacts. Great benefit for both parties. The fact is that after six months I have the account inactive. They say I have to bring 3 clients every 3 months. This is crazy! Can anyone...
  5. T


    Hello guys here, Im working in C50 (High-tech Crime Prevention Police Department) in Vietnam. Recently, I saw someone claming about a issue with a company named ETORO, has website : is the main one. Almost told that they cant withdraw money from their account when they make profit...
  6. M

    Etoro is a scam broker

    My user name is Madboy194 at etoro i started trading with them on $20 bonus and a worked really hard for an year after an year i submitted my documents for verification and those were accepted i changed my address by sending a proof of my id and it was accepted then when i request for withdrawal...
  7. P

    Etoro = SCAM.

    Hello Everybody. I made and acount in Etoro, everythings go fine until they implemented new charts. This new charts get frozen and they are very inaccurate. Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video...
  8. G

    Etoro rip off my money and said sorry

    hello the case is I opened AUD/USD sell position on 27-11-2013 07:19 GMT at 0.9106 and my stop loss was 0.9138 and take profit was 0.9072.However, they close my position at 0.9135 and all what they say is that sorry that you don't know the system . also, they said to me that they don't take...
  9. L

    scammed by etoro

    i opened account in etoro copied some tradeers they made profit then when i thought it is ok i deposited some money and i made profits because i think i mcade a lot 11500$ profit they gave me 3 withdrawals of 775 , 1900 and 148=75 they processed then i put withdrawls of 2500$ and 2525$ they...
  10. P

    Etoro's system are making you lose

    It was outrageous that because of their trading platform fault I lost $240. It's about two BUY GBP/USD positions. I was in one click mode and about to change my stop loss for this two positions. I entered the value in the box and clicked ok when the system got frozen. I couldn't click...
  11. N

    Etoro affiliate Program is Scam!

    I joined etoro affiliate program some 3 months back and worked hard for promoting etoro by advertising, seminars, etc. i spend about INR 2000 for promoting affiliate link which resulted in $800 in my accont. According to etoro policy every affiliate will be paid their earnings at the beginning...
  12. Pieter

    eToro Stats

    I am not sure if this is a scam or not, but I do not get satisfactory answers from eToro On eToro you can copy other traders. Their web sites shows the stats of those traders. My question is: How can a trader show a loss of 39% but still show 100% profit I copied this trader and she made 2...
  13. S - strange positions - Scam ?

    Hello everyone, I've a problem with Indeed, I deposit total of $3,800 on my account and could up it to more than $7,000. So I decided to withdraw $6,500 and let the rest to continue to trade when I receive my money. What I've done is let my account and didn't log in until the...
  14. D

    ETORO scam using copytrader

    Check the link and see how ETORO completely screwed me over. They won't even answer my emails anymore :( They take no responsibility ever. Lost $200 in 2 hours due to this and they refuse to refund or explain why.
  15. T

    eTORO platform problems

    I`ve noticed that eTORO has been facing serious platform problems last month. I`m wondering those every-day-more-often platform freezes are bad software problem or is there something that we don`t know? Any advice or experience is welcome! :)
  16. I

    etoro affiliate issue - RESOLVED

    HI I am the owner of the account "ilebsm". I made 590$ for referring people on Dec 2011, and now is 19th Jan 2012 I havent got money. I sent emails to my manager and etoro support but have got no reply. I want to tell you this is the first time I work with etoro but they made me down really...
  17. read-only

    Getting Withdrawal Funds back from eTORO

    I am wondering if anyone here has had difficulties withdrawing funds from eToro (I mean, actual winnings). I'm (I think) about 3 weeks in to the process now, and I'm starting to doubt whether there is a serious intention of paying me out. I could tell a long story of the tactics they are...
  18. okeydate

    eToro refused to close my unused account

    After I have made little profit from eToro, I have realized that they are great for forex learning environment for newbies but not suitable for serious trader. So I asked eToro support to close my account. But support staff "Kate" did copy-and -paste answer again and again and refused to close...
  19. S

    Etoro claim Order in forex is not guarantee

    Hi there, I've place a Pending Oder with my broker and the order isn't executed when the condition meets. I have write in to the broker as follows: Just to be sure I didn't get the info wrong, so this means that if I set a stop lost or take profit, eToro does not guarantee that they will...
  20. P

    Beware Of

    Friend I warn you not open account with this broker.They disable the trade execution anytime when you are loosing.See printscreen..They are a big scam