1. C

    eToro - RESOLVED

    Hello, greetings from Beijing, China. I just joined FPA because I would like to share my bad experience with you in eToro, and to alert you and others of this broker. Counting on your help and support.
  2. W

    Etoro-failure to pay out after months

    just to let you know that I have an account with eToro in the US and in Cyprus. Since May we have been trying to withdraw money to the eToro card ( which is offered through Payoneer ) and we have had absolutely no success. The amount we have invested in eToro is substantial and it is unthinkable...
  3. S

    etoro wire deposit

    my name is abolade olanrewaju samuel from Nigeria i wireD $590 since 23rd of sept 2010 to etoro by wire deposit method but till now they did not credit my account after i have sent them the scanned copy of my wire transaction form. i chatted with them to ask why my fund is not being credited to...
  4. A

    eToro problems

    Hi. I use eToro software to trade, but because of software failure, i've lost money by the stoploss not changing to tha ammount i set i to, and now eToro won't pay me back my money. they have answered my mail once, and thats all. Pluss the bonus for referring a friend, thats just a scam. never...
  5. T

    Etoro Does Not Approve My Withdrawal

    Dear FPA, I wrote this letter because i feel so confuse to request withdrawal at Etoro (eToro - Online Forex Trading Platform). They always asked to me to send a withdrawal form. I sent that documents as clear as possible, but they asked it again. I made many succesful withdrawal before, but i...
  6. T

    Etoro Approved My Withdrawal but still no money

    Dear FPA, I wrote this letter because i request withdrawal at Etoro (eToro - Online Forex Trading Platform) and i got withdrawal approval on 15 Jun 2009, but i still did not got any money from them. 1. Subject: When you were offline (via LivePerson) [Username:] tiiger1979 i got...
  7. Gorman

    Etoro Scam ??

    I opened up a large trade with etoro last week. I first saw that things were not going right when i did not receive the advertised spreed. Etoro spreed is shown as the buy price minus the sell. But the spreed received was 150% putting me under more pressure to close the gap. I decided to go...