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    ETX Capital

    ETX clears my profits: they call it Trade Adjustment —> ETX Capital is SCAM ETX Capital does not want to pay me my earned money. Who has the same experience? What options do I have? Here are the eMail from ETX Capital: Date: 09 March 2020 Time: 15:38:11 GMT MT4 Account Login: 218489 Order...
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    ETX Binary

    Hello everyone. i want to share what happend to me with ETX Capital. i started to trade binary there about 5 monthes ago. everything was perfect as i was losing about 20K, the moment my account became green the problems arrived. i made the account into 32K up in profit that means my balance was...
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    ETXcapital is looking for losers

    I have an account at ETXCapital which I use for a daily trading. Up till now for every deposit that I made, I received a bonus by their local account manager. This month I noticed that when I withdrew my profit (without withdrawing the initial deposit part which I received the bonus for it)...
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    Hello, my name is Eliana Hadiman. I'm 71 yo. female. I'm from Indonesia Back then I trade on Alpari, then it's insolvency. They gave me choice to withdraw or put it to ETX Capital. I've given the web portal too (need around 6 month to get it back, I still have the login password to the portal)...
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    Resolved - ETXCapital (FCA:124721) scamm!

    I traded in this broker almost a year (my account was moved from AlpariUK). Trade was slow. Connection MT4 terminates often, the execution of deals for a long time. Slippage almost constantly. But, even in these conditions, I was able to make a profit. Each trading day, I received a...
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    Etx capital scam

    Hi, I've been trading with ETX capital several times. My account number is 123746. On 1st of June 2014 i have made a deposit of 3,000 EUR. They had a promotion and i have received 1,800 euro credit bonus (60%) as per Terms and Conditions they have applied. I have traded with that amount and...