euro analysis

  1. syamfx2020

    EUR/USD weekly technical outlook

    EUR/USD climbed to last week high of 1.1865. If the price won't break above the previous month high 1.1915 we may see a pullback to 1.1780 then 1.1740. On the other side break above 1.1915, the next level to watch 1.1940/1.20.
  2. syamfx2020

    EUR/USD trading near the daily supply zone

    EUR/USD trading near the supply zone 1.1830/40. Any break above this level, the next resistance to watch 1.1880 then 1.1915(monthly high). On the downside, break below 1.1770 will open door to 1.1710 (weekly low) followed by 1.1660.
  3. syamfx2020

    EUR/USD time for a pullback?

    The pair slightly retreated from a 21-month peak of 1.1625 and now hovers near 1.16. Any break below 1.1580 will open the doors to 1.1540/10. On the upper side break above 1.1626 can lead the pair to 1.1670. On the data front, the Germany and Eurozone PMI rebounded to the upside in July...
  4. syamfx2020

    EUR/USD climbed to 4-month high

    EUR/USD broke above 1.1420 and surged to 4-month high of 1.1440, eying 1.1495 ahead of ECB decision tomorrow. Overall the movement remained bullish throughout today. The important levels to watch for this week 1.1495 and 1.1370.
  5. syamfx2020

    What's next for EUR/USD? 1.1000 or 1.1480?

    EUR/USD trading above 1.1270, the pair dropped to 1.1225 on Tuesday after the dollar climbed on strong retail sales data. The traders now wait for Eurozone CPI numbers which will release later today.
  6. Jarratt Davis

    EUR Analysis – 21st of April

    Although the Euro has remained supported since March 10 with the ECB not looking to ease further for the foreseeable future, general consensus remains that the ECB could cut rates further into negative territory should economic conditions warrant such action. Given that the ECB remain in the...
  7. moneytree123

    Has the Euro got a weaker future

    Has the Euro got a weaker future Although the ECB will never tell you the truth behind their interest rate cuts, they would have surely taken the strength of the Euro against the dollar into consideration. It is up to us as analysts to read between the lines and think about the bigger...