1. N

    GUILTY Case# 2017-067 | News Tradin Machine vs EvenForex.com

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: www.EvenForex.com My Case is: I have traded at Even Forex for 3 years or so. I sell news trading software and recommended them to many friends and customers. In fact I became an Introducing Broker for them. The first 18...
  2. N

    It appears Even Forex has become insolvent and is now a SCAM

    Several weeks ago I requested a withdrawal. Heard nothing so I sent in another form a couple days later. Still nothing. I sent an email to my IB contact and nothing from him either. Tried the “Live Support” on the website but all you get is a dropdown where you can leave a message. Left a...
  3. H

    order placed in admin platform and loss 4,00,000usd (www.evenforex.com)

    Hello everyone !!!! Here am facing a very big issue from evenforex.com broker. actually 1 month back i have 4 accounts in evenforex , with the total equity of 40,000 usd , after 15days i placed orders in manually and made it 4,00,000 usd . after that i withdrawal 75,000 usd from my trading...
  4. rakesh103

    CHOOSING fixed spread Broker from India (SPAM FOR EVENFOREX)

    Can anyone Suggest me Fixed Spread broker ? Because I am trading with EvenForex.com now , the spread is variable and high commission. Also, evenforex says they are ECN broker and so will give only variable spread and fixed spread brokers are DEALING Desk broker. is that true. Please explain me...