1. J

    Problem I have an issue with EverFx

    Have not been able withdrawn any funds, the account manager let the run into Liquidation. have been onto the regulators and no satisfactory reply or result.
  2. N

    Everfx does not give withdrawals

    I opened an account with everfx on March 6, 2020, account number 1971459. I have deposited 23272 US dollars successively. But on April 16, everfx incredibly deducted all my profits, a total of 18579 dollars, which is unacceptable to me. The platform said that I abused their interest free...
  3. jameslove1

    Spam from and for EverFX

    Hi, You can try EverFX - quite new broker, but I am checking this platform since end of last year and its ok. They have everything you needed, also very small, variable spreads starting from 0pip sometimes! First I was on demo for 4 months, then I convert to real in April. All conditions exactly...
  4. A

    Discuss Global.EverFX.com(Was EverFXGlobal.com and EverFX.com)

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