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    Lifted by Every Option

    Surfing on internet my interest was caught by Titan Trade. I left my dates so they could contact me for further information. I got called back, but I wanted to look for myself for further information. At Google I could not find something to worry about. A few days later I was called by Jason...
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    Everyoption informed me that they are broken and lost all my money!!

    Please help. Yesterday an account manager of everyoption called me and informed that they are broken and all my money was lost!. No more explanation. Is it true? Did i loose all my money ?
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    Everyoption Not Paying back!!

    Hi! I had deposited 250 euros with everyoption on August 5, 2015. I ahd received a call from Mr. Evans stating I had visited their website and shown interest. I was given to understand that they would (Mr. Evans) would trade on my behalf (managed account) and share profits with nominal...
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    Every option scam???

    I made a deposit of $700 for trading purposes, I was given an account manager by the name of Evans Blake. Initially he told me that he trades twice a week but that was not the case as he would trade at least twice a week n I wuld constantly ask him when next he was going to trade coz I see he...
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    Scammed for £9000 by Everyoption.com

    I opened a 'managed' premier account with everyoption.com for insured trades only. In May I paid in a total of £9000 altogether in a series of deposits. Initially account made a profit of £1500 through a few small trades, so balance was £10,500 In June. Now they wanted another 10k for...
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    EveryOption Scam

    Hi everyone, I'm having a huge problem with EveryOption. I deposited £250 on April 20 2015. I was given an account manager who I was told will trade on my behalf. Considering I have no pc and trading experience I gave it a try. Stephanie is my account manager. So anyway I notice...
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    Every-option - Problems

    I open account with every-option.com -- I told them I dont want any bonus or commission -- I ask many times what is consequences of taking bonus and commission - they never tell me. Anyways the give me $200 - now I have to make $6000 before I can get back my initial deposit back ($1800) $6000...
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    Hello, I have been scammed by a company called Fast Signals and Every-Option(broker) for binary trading. Jenny Shaw from Fast Signals contacted me by email promising to assist in forex trading signals. She then asked me to invest 1000USD at Every-Option. Her signals don't work. I asked for my...