1. Jeffgan

    Could not open my everyoption acc.after bank in money.

    I was cheated recently by everyoption broker.I have their name and email and skype conversation.The amount in my everyoption come to usd13,995 My code is eo5015017.I complain to them i cant open my account and now they block my email too.They told me i have usd2.40 left.Yet i could not open my...
  2. A

    Everyoption informed me that they are broken and lost all my money!!

    Please help. Yesterday an account manager of everyoption called me and informed that they are broken and all my money was lost!. No more explanation. Is it true? Did i loose all my money ?
  3. N

    Scammed for £9000 by Everyoption.com

    I opened a 'managed' premier account with everyoption.com for insured trades only. In May I paid in a total of £9000 altogether in a series of deposits. Initially account made a profit of £1500 through a few small trades, so balance was £10,500 In June. Now they wanted another 10k for...