1. T

    Has anyone heard of rtfxd.com?

    Hi Guys, I have been creating a forex trading environment for myself. To control execution risk I need a non-broker neutral forex data feed as a base against which broker quotes can be compared. I found rtfxd on a wikipedia list of financial data feeds. Anyone else used it here?
  2. FXTradingRevolution

    What Forex Brokers Never Want You to Know!

    In financial markets there are a lot of different brokerages with very different approaches to working with their clients. Some brokers offer low trading costs and other brokers offer a little bit higher trading costs. Some brokers are direct market makers – and are on the opposite side for all...
  3. R

    FXOpen buy stop executed without price touch the assigned amount

    MT4 BUY STOP with the following details from MT4 journal: 2015.08.05 20:00:02.170 '880169': pending order #48881660 buy stop 0.96 EURUSD was modified -> price: 1.09328 sl: 0.00000 tp: 0.00000 2015.08.05 20:24:17.260 '880169': order #48881660 buy stop 0.96 EURUSD at 1.09328 activated at...
  4. Arpad75

    Order routing and execution during high impact news releases

    Hello Everybody, I don’t have extensive experience about news trading, but even if I would have, I would ask these same questions. If anyone has anything to say, please don’t hesitate to tell it. :-) Thanks. I have the following concerns regarding the execution during high impact news...