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  1. MartinEngland89

    Forex Affiliate Links Forex EA 10% Monthy Profit With Low Drawdown

    i would recommend a new forex robot that can consistently generate 10 -15% net profit monthly and of course with low risk. I will not promise you that this robot can duplicate your account in 1-2 months, because such robots will blow your account away at any time. This robot, called Blueway Air...
  2. louise.kepinska

    Expert Advisers?

    Not sure if this is the right place for a thread of this nature, apologies I'm still pretty new to FPA, lurked a long time for reviews but this is my first time on the forum! :) I was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on EAs? I've seen a few different providers and a few automated...
  3. F

    I m Not New Here, I have Been in Forex since 2012

    Hello friends i m backed in forex after 3 years, last time i wiped my deposit with Ilan 1.6 EA do anyone have similar experience?
  4. TradingCost

    Trading Cost or how to choose the best Forex broker?

    All traders know that it's a very big problem to find forex broker with good liquidity. Especially scalpers and high frequency traders. You can choose broker with lowest spreads and lowest commission (if you are lucky of course:)), but it won't enough to say, that your broker has good...
  5. M

    Profitable EA, need advice!

    Hello everyone, :D I has been trading for more than 3 years right now. Sorry if my english is not too fluent. I'm here to ask for advice because I have a profitable EA and I want to know if something is slipping away from me. I would be very grateful if I can get your help. I'm not here to...
  6. F

    100% Automated & profitable Forex Robot

    ( Free Version and Free support ) I have create a Robot for forex market. I want to share it with all. It is a fully automated Forex Trading system which can trade and earn big profit without human intervention. Everything is programmed & optimized with market condition and behaviour. So you...
  7. SamAntics

    Howdy all! EAs

    Howdy, I'm part of a small trading group which is doing ok.. First time I've joined here and will be getting them on board soon. There's a few posts around this site about EAs and want an honest and REAL robot to trade for me. Sooooooo does anyone have anything that is performing well? Yes I...
  8. Algofxsolution

    Algofxsolution - New and revolutionary approach to automated trading systems

    We would like to present, professional algorithmic FOREX trading solution. Our company, based in the United Kingdom, focuses on professional approach in forex algorithmic trading. Our mission is to provide automated, but still flexible solution with strong background...
  9. V

    Please advise beginner trader with Forex Robots..

    Hello boys and girls! I am begginer with Forex Robots..Really interesting with this subject..I spent 2 months to read all raiting about the robots.. I don't know maybe I am a girl that's why I don't understand some thing.. Have a few questions and hope somebody can help me, please help me:) I...
  10. fxgermany

    Fx Discounts and Rebates Expert Advisor discount offers

    ABC Forex Robot | 10% | Link | FXGE-NC5H-QAIS CabEX | 10% | Link | 6CDE598F45 FE Trend EAs | 10% | Link | n/a Forex Benz | 10% | Link | F4609027F8 Forex Cleaner | 10% | Link | FXGE-8O6H-FRVQ Forex Demolition | 10% | Link | FXGE-5CWV-IARG Forex Expert Online EAs | 10% | FXGE-GVFL-SQMP...
  11. E

    Edgehill Publishing Releases "Expert Advisor Programming for MetaTrader 5" Book

    Author Andrew R. Young follows up on his best-selling guide to programming in MQL4, Expert Advisor Programming: Creating Automated Trading Systems in MQL for MetaTrader 4, with a new book on the MetaTrader 5 platform. Expert Advisor Programming for MetaTrader 5: Creating Automated Trading...
  12. landofcash

    LOCQuickLinesTrader - New tool to manage orders by dragging lines open with 1 click FREE 14d TRIAL

    We’ve created a new expert advisor which allows quick and convenient trading with metatrader. Overview LOCQuickLinesTrader is an expert advisor (EA) for Metatrader 4 (MT) platform. It is developed to speedup different manual order operations like opening orders, changing order parameters and...
  13. P

    FTS Toolkit - Trailing Stop EA - Minimize risk even further with trailing stop and BE

    Fellow Squad Members, For those who use VPS or who are not at the PC all day this EA, in addition to our Break Even EA, can lower risk significantly as it manages trailing stop on a currency pair together with break even. By default the EA drags stop level at 20 pips distance from market...
  14. P

    FTS Toolkit - Break Even EA - Minimize risk with setting break even automatically

    . . Quick update For MT4 build 600 and above use this version - copy this to MQL4\Experts folder If you see only mq4 files there then you need to locate MT4 private folder somewhere here: c:\Users\Peter\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\{whateverhorribleuniqueid}\MQL4\Experts If you find...
  15. P

    FTS Toolkit - Sticky Trends - Draw trend lines easier by holding Ctrl

    Fellow Squad Members, Another code I'd like to share with you is a quite special one. I used to spend some time with 'convenience codes' and not only with EAs and indicators or market data analysis. This kind of tools mostly makes**trading platform*more handy by providing common function...