ez trader

  1. N

    EZ Trader trouble with withdrawl

    My husband deposited with them last year. He never used the account. He never sent his documents. He tried to withdraw last month and they charged him an account inactive fee. Then said they were sending the money and all we had to do was wait. After nearly 3 week we never got the money. After I...
  2. B

    Eztrader.com withdrawal

    I attempted to withdraw funds on March 7, 2010 and was blocked. This was my first attempt at withdrawal. I needed money to pay my taxes. David Campbell who identifies himself as "Head Account Manager" said in a chat that he had done a manual withdrawal for me and it was taken care of. I have...
  3. X

    EZ Trader binary fraud

    I have difficulty with my withdrawal from EZ trader binary. Every time I called, they told me "SOON" . I am worried that my hard-earned money will be gone forever. I am trying here or call my Visa to see whether I can get my money back.
  4. chen0581

    Irresponsible eztrader support, account manager

    I am the client of eztrader, my experience with eztrader is very bad. in total I have deposit more than usd 4000 and in summary the support, account manager and customer service is bad. My unsolved issue (till now), in summary-my assigned account manager had claimed and promised to cancel my...