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    Problem Be careful of fake reviews from employees. about emporiumcapital broker

    Hi, I'm a trader who was recently removed from this broker and took 3k of the deposit as a hostage. The situation is still current and all I can do is warn the broker. And I checked their reviews and saw their staff write their own reviews. They're brokers who don't spare money on fake reviews...
  2. G

    Fake positive reviews filter

    Dear FPA members and moderation team, FPA actually does a great work by removing fake positive reviews for brokers. But to be entirely fair, they should also remove fake negative reviews: Any accusation of scam should imperatively be accompanied with attachments supporting it. I suspect some...
  3. Scam Investigations Committee

    Red Alert on Red Uluru

    Red Alert on Red Uluru Companies have been known to go to all sorts of trouble to submit fake reviews to the FPA. This keeps the review moderators very busy weeding out the fake reviews that are mixed in with the real ones. It's not an exact science, but they've been doing it long enough to...
  4. Scam Investigations Committee

    They Call Themselves True, But They Don't Seem Very Truthful

    Forex companies exaggerate a lot. You already know that there can't be 100 different “best forex trading systems in the world”. Who would buy a product that advertises itself as “an OK forex system”? Some exaggerations are to be expected, but some lies qualify as scam. FPA member Oriana...