false complaint

  1. J

    Unproven Allegation: HOTFOREX is a Market maker and Scam STP broker!

    Hi Friends , i will update this post as soon as the hotforex can proof they are real and true ECN/STP broker. today I chat and ask hotforex support that are they an STP broker or just a market maker who play like a Stp broker with special algorithm to show traders market execution...
  2. E

    Conspiracy Theory - Hotforex Scammed me $14770.25 - Because I gave myself a margin call

    My hotforex account number 269022. I had 3 open trades before a day of all orders closed for Balance $ -21 084.45 Daily Confirmation: Floating P/L -22901.50, Balance $ 82322.52, Equity: $59421.02, Margin Requirement: $ 44770.25, Available Margin: $14650.77. My account was subject to...
  3. juliacohe

    a PROVEN LIAR AND SPAMMER's complaint about www.brokerarbitrage.com

    brokerarbitrage.com/arb.html this is the "EA ARB", which everyone knows does not work in real, only in some demo accounts or unregulated brokers and scammers. I bought it a month ago and have tried in 3 brokers losing all my own. NOT WORK on LIVE accounts around here, but it is just a...
  4. F

    Probable false complaint against Exness

    AsstModerator Note: When Exness posted information showing that this complaint could be fake, offers were made to fireswan by Pharaoh and by the FPA to independently confirm the balance of the account in question. After a week, there has been no response to either of these offers. Unless...
  5. R

    UNCONFIRMED Octafx problem

    AsstModerator Note: rangarajan was asked by OctaFx's representative for his account number so that his issue could be examined. He ignored that request. The FPA emailed him and asked him to contact OctaFx with this information or come back and post it in this thread. He didn't. Based on...
  6. F

    AvaFX let me give myself a margin call

    Hi, My experience with AVAFX is awful. I started with what seem probably to a lot of people a low investments: 3000 EURO. I started to buy gold, silver and platinum. However, without any warning, when the remaining money dropped below a certain limit, all positions were closed by the system...