fantasy dream team

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    WARNING * * 2% Daily - fantasydreamteam - Richard Swaby

    Dear Team I purchased Mr. Swaby 2% Daily which is physically losing 3% daily. I read the other people complains and can assure you all that Mr. Swaby rude behavior is consistent. Mr. Swaby is publishing his SW, which doesn't work, only for cheating people and is denying return their monies...
  2. A (2% Daily EA by Richard Swaby)

    I purchased the 2% Daily EA on the basis of the outrageous promise (2% Daily) made by Richard Swaby in his website "". I bought this automated expert advisor on 5th Jan, 2011. I had no issues installing the EA and getting up and running. But after weeks of testing...
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    I have bought the EA "Two Percent Daily" offered from the website The vendor offered me a money back guarantee if I'm not happy with the results. I asked for a discount and he agree. I asked him, if also with the discount the money back gurantee is stil...
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    RESOLVED 2%dailyEA R. Swaby

    THIS CASE HAS REACHED A SUCCESSFUL CONCLUSION. GALINA RECEIVED HER REFUND. Beware of Richard Swaby alias Richard Eddy from He is selling a 2%dailyEA for $500 with a 100% satisfaction guarantee ( 60 days money back guarantee ). The 2%dailyEA does not perform as...