1. Pharaoh

    IC3.gov - The FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center

    IC3.gov Internet Crime Complaint Center (Part of the FBI in the USA) (move ahead of SEC/CFTC) IC3 is the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center. Think of it as the American version of the Cyber Police. To get started, go here: https://www.ic3.gov/Home/FileComplaint Before you click the I...
  2. AsstModerator

    SpotOption's Offices in Israel Raided by the FBI

    SpotOption's Offices in Israel Raided by the FBI International cooperation in the war on binaries has reached a new high. Last week, the FBI and Israeli Police paid a visit to the offices of SpotOption. Unscheduled visits by law enforcement to collect evidence are generally considered to be...
  3. AsstModerator

    The FBI warns about Binary Options Fraud

    First, I'd like to thank Simona Weinglass of the Times of Israel for writing about this. I don't have time to visit every regulator's website every day. I'd also like to thank FPA member Keysha for sending me a message about it. Here's the full text of what the FBI has to say about Binary...
  4. Scam Investigations Committee

    Green Tree Capital – Don't Gamble on This Scam

    Green Tree Capital – Don't Gamble on This Scam A lot of investors don't have time to manage their own money. That's why some of them hire professional account managers to trade forex for them. The biggest risks with an account manager is that he might treat trading as gambling or that he...
  5. T

    Problem Beware of Green Tree Capital Investments

    All is NOT well with Green Tree! My issues with Green Tree have been NOT resolved. I did in fact get a portion of my account out -- $10k out of ~$25k, but that was only after they told me to create positive posts here at FPA and UNDO previous negative posts. The first of February this year...