1. FBS.com

    SPAM for lame no deposit bonus of 123 USD from FBS

    Bonus for a great start Get $123 to your account Bonus amount - $123 Bonus trading period - 7 days Your profit - unlimited - Really? Try withdrawing if you can turn $123 into $12,300 in 7 days and let us know how that goes. You can get the bonus without verification and contact details...
  2. P

    Fbs have random offquotes

    Fbs have random offquotes. execution time is not as they say it is.. lots of dissconection issues and many problems more. Screenshot by Lightshot i would stay away from them. it feels more than market maker broker. ecpecjaly for scalpers. thats impossible. really slow.
  3. D

    FBS indonesia scam

    FBS indonesia SCAM, it happened to me when i deposit at 26 jan 2015 they do not admit my deposit even i have send the transfer slip to proof the deposits HIJAUTUKAR SCAM, INDONESIA FBS TRADER... QUIT ASAP...
  4. H

    Huahua290 claims FBS took 3800 USD from his credit card and refused to deposit into my trading accou

    FBS is the biggest scam broker I've ever met and heard of - it took 3800 USD from my credit card on 1st Aug 2014 and didn't even deposit it to my trading accounts! And it has been more than 3 months now!! When I asked them about this they just looked for all sorts of excuses and told numerous...
  5. M

    FBS scam me they cancelled my balance 1563$ and make my account zero 0,00 simply

    I open an account no 362525 ( magdy hosni andel fattah soliman ) with FBS and made a deposit by neteller 1230$ in 13-08-2014 I made profits and requested a refund and they deducted the 60%bonus then i continue trading without bonus . in this time my friend was log into another account from my...
  6. A

    FBS Problem

    My name is Stroe Aurelian Alexandru and my wife i am opened 2 trading accounts in FBS.Accounts received bonus 60%.Account was trading in different day, different hours,different volumes and not simutaneously never.Shown in history transactions in the two accounts.The only problem is trading same...
  7. W

    RESOLVED - FBS pure scam!

    I was attracted to FBS for their bonus offer, and now I understand why the offer such - because they know you won't be able to make profit, with their dirty scam-ish tricks! I opened an account with FBS on 6th Aug 2014 and made an initial deposit of $1000, and I'd say my trading went not too...
  8. H

    FBS.com is a BAD broker!!!

    bad bad broker
  9. mang_ncep

    FBS Spam

    I still use demo account until now even though i have use real account, because of trading with demo account give me new lesson about trading and make trading with my real account be better..Beside that i can follow in demo contest from FBS, my broker... :D How many people will spam for FBS?
  10. ekost

    FBS Spamvertising

    This spam started as an innocent sounding question in Pharaoh's article about how to select a forex broker. Hi, I'm new comer in this forum also new trader I'm so interesting about topic of discussion.. by the way, can we mention names of the broker here??
  11. FBS_analytics

    Comments and forex-analytics from FBS Holdings Inc. brokerage company

    Hello! I'm glad to present in this thread the analytics of FBS Holdings Inc. :) FBS Holdings Inc. is an international brokerage company providing top quality financial and investment services all over the world. The principles we base our work on are transparency, honesty and...
  12. A

    FBS.com (Forex Brokerage Services)

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