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    Do Not Expect Volatility To Ease As US CPI Is Due This Week

    After January’s surprisingly strong jobs report, the focus will be on consumer inflation in the week ahead and what it could mean for the Federal Reserve’s plan to raise interest rates. Friday’s report of 467,000 jobs added in January confounded Wall Street economists, some of whom expected a...
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    Will Jackson Hole Become a Dovish Event?

    Chair of Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, speaking on the economic outlook at the upcoming central bank’s Jackson Hole economic symposium, will dominate market direction. Fed officials appear on track to begin reversing their easy-money policies later this year, but several wild cards could alter...
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    China’s GDP& Powell’s Speech May Show That Global Growth Have Peaked

    Inflation is the focus this week, with a US report on consumer prices and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s testimony on Capitol Hill. The US CPI is expected to post another significant gain in June, underscoring a run-up in inflation as the economy emerges from the coronavirus...
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    Dollar’s Weakness Is Not Likely to Persist

    The dollar has slipped this month as the Federal Reserve stuck to its message that it won’t raise interest rates soon, despite forecasts that the U.S. economy will recover faster than its peers. The greenback is down more than 1% against the currencies of its biggest trading partners so far in...
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    Why Powell Doesn’t Bother to Lower Bond Yield Now?

    Jerome Powell has a goal that is bigger than the bond market’s near-term inflation concern. In perhaps his most forthright press conference since taking the helm of the central bank three years ago, the Federal Reserve chair laid out some critical messages for investors who have been propelling...
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    Fed Promised to Keep Supporting Economy Until Substantial Recovery Has Been Made

    Last Wednesday, the Federal Reserve officials concluded one of the most active years in the central bank’s history, as it put final touches on their plans to support the economy for longer than they have following prior downturns. Fed officials slashed their short-term interest rate to near...