fibonacci retracement

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    AUD/NZD at support

    AUDNZD is continuously going down and currently, the pair is approaching the strong support at 1.0380/1.04 and currently trading oversold as well. If the pair holds and trade above 1.0380/1.04 we may expect an upside move to 1.0480 & 1.05. In case the daily market closes below 1.0380, the setup...
  2. Jarratt Davis

    Fibonacci Retracement: How To Use It (Part IV)

    Fibonacci is an extremely popular tool used among analysts of financial markets. The concept of the Fibonacci indicator is to measure price and determine points from which the market will react and start buying or selling. This is considered one of the more reliable tools for Forex trading...
  3. Jarratt Davis

    Fibonacci Retracement Tool – Forex Trading Strategy How do you use Fibonacci Retracement Tool? I did a video about this in the past but we did not use the charts and we did not look at what the Fibonacci is. This video, on a contrary, is chart based. I'm...