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    Figfx! Steal Trader's Profit!!! - RESOLVED

    I am trader from Thailand. I decided to invest with Figfx as their offer is very interesting as much as 100%....also their IB/Agent Program is also nice to join. I registered as IB/Agent with Figfx, and get the IB account no. 120595. Later, I registered for trader account through the main...
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    FIGFX supporter please help

    This problem was solve, sorry for any inconvenience, thanks for good supporter!
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    Fig fx brokers complaint

    I confirm that my money has been paid back in full and that this issue had been properly and professionally dealt with.
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    FIG FX took back 400 USD of my interest earnings

    Here is the review that I have just posted in the Reviews section. ======================================================== FIG FX deducted 400 USD of my swap earnings today for trades that I made in December 2009 and January 2010. I at first noticed that my equity was around 1400 USD...